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Gardening in the El Paso Southwest has always been a challenge. Enthusiasts have to contend with a variety of problems: scarce annual rainfall, less than ideal soil composition, and extreme temperatures among others. But southwestern gardening aficionados always seem to find a way to keep our desert blooming, beautiful and fruitful.

Each Saturday, Good to Grow will answer the many questions gardeners may have about plants, growing conditions, and proper care for El Paso’s varied gardens.

Good to Grow won 1st place in the annual Texas Master Gardener Conference in 2010.

Do you know when it's going to freeze? Or maybe how cold it'll get this winter? Well, neither do we! But that's not going to stop us from sharing on how to protect your plants from the cold winter weather. 

Are you looking for a modern updated approach to your Christmas tree? Or are you brave enough to try a Juniper, Italian Stone Pine or even a Rosemary Bush? Good to Grow hosts share some ideas to help you think outside the box for this holiday season. 

Whether you're putting up your Christmas tree, creating a beautiful centerpiece or adorning your door with a festive wreath, winter in a wonderful time to decorate your home with greenery. This edition of Good to Grow focuses all on tips to help you care for your favorite winter plants.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! With the holiday season in full swing, we share a few gift ideas for gardeners to inspire you as you go about your holiday shopping. Great tips and ideas for the gardeners in your life!

It's time to prepare for the cold winter weather in our El Paso gardens. There are several tasks that need to be added to your to-do list and Good to Grow hosts Denise Rodriguez and Jan Petrzelka shares these simple tips to take great care of your garden this winter. 

We all learn from experience, including children. The Learn, Grow, Eat & Go! program is a great way to get your children outdoors while learning how to grow their own vegetables. We visit with Madelynne Cera, 4-H Cooperative Extension Agent of Texas A&M Prairie View, to find out more about this program.

The cooler November weather is great for working in your yard and garden. This edition of Good to Grow features some of our own November gardening tips.

November is Cactus Appreciation Month! We spoke to Peter Beste of the El Paso Cactus and Rock Club as he informed us of an upcoming event where you can learn more about these native perennials. 

As the beautiful fall colors begin to make their appearance, there are many ways you can incorporate ornamentals and natural elements into your home decor. Learn how to use seasonal plants to make your home warm and inviting for the season!

Along with the cooler weather, we often see the return of some familiar garden pests this time of year. County Extension Agent Denise Rodriguez and Master Gardener Jan Petrzelka share some tips on how to rid your home of these unwelcome visitors.

Summer has come to a close, but that doesn't mean your garden has to! County Extension Agent, Denise Rodriguez, and Master Gardener, Jan Petrzelka, share some October gardening tips to prepare your garden for the fall season.

County Extension Agent Denise Rodriguez, Master Gardener Jan Petrzelka, and Chihuahuan Gardener Curator John White catch us up to date on proper rose care as we approach our fall season. 

Hummingbirds are very popular in El Paso this time of the year. Denise Rodriguez, John White, and Jan Petrzelka share information on these amazing creatures and tips on how to attract them to your garden.

Denise Rodriguez and Jan Petrzelka keep you informed of the upcoming event "Backyard Basics Workshop." Join us for this workshop and learn how to create a small scale food productions from home!

Summer has come and gone right before our eyes - but that doesn't mean we don't have something in store for you come the fall! Hosts Denise Rodriguez and Master Gardener Jan Petrzelka gear you up for back to school time and share details on classes being offered by the Master Gardeners for the fall.

The monsoon rains may have refreshed your garden but they also invited some unwelcome guests: weeds. Hosts Denise Rodriguez and Master Gardner Jan Petrzelka talk all about weed control. Plus they discuss garden maintenance for the last days of summer and monsoon season. 

Hosts Denise Rodriguez and John White discuss the dog days of summer and how to prepare your garden for monsoon season. Plus they give you tips on how to take care of your garden's watering needs when you leave out of town for the last summer vacation. 

It's all about the flowers! Hosts Denise Rodriguez and John White along with special guest Sabine Green discuss all you need to know about the West Texas New Mexico Florist Association conference. Sabine Green is the New Mexico State Floral Coordinator and the co-chair of the West Texas New Mexico Florist Association. 

Can't contain your joy for gardening? Well luckily for you this episode is all about container gardening. Hosts Denise Rodriguez, John White and Jan Petrzelka provide a crash course on container gardening on this episode of Good to Grow. 

With Fourth of July right around the corner it's tome to celebrate and what better way to show your patriotic pride than through your garden. Host Denise Rodriguez is joined by John White and Jan Petrzelka to discuss how to prep your garden for the celebration. 

From June Bugs to finding the best tomato fertilizer, host Denise Rodriguez and Master Gardener Jan Petrzelka open up the Master Gardeners question vault and answer your frequently asked questions. 

The good, the bad and the crawly. Not all insects are the same, while some may cause harm to your plants others may actually benefit your garden. 

Hosts Denise Rodriguez and John White discuss irrigation tips and tricks to help your lawn stay healthy and green. Plus! The Master Gardeners are now accepting applications, Denise and John talk about how you can apply to volunteer with The Master Gardeners.

This week is all about the roses! Hosts Denise Rodriguez and John White talk all about summer rose care to start off your Memorial Day Weekend. 

Do you you have a gardening question? Why not ask the El Paso Master Gardeners. Hosts Denise Rodriguez and John White answer some of your gardening questions left at the Master Gardeners' helpdesk. 

If you attended FloraFest 2017 you may have purchased a native plant or two. Now that you have your native plant how do you care for it? Hosts Denise Rodriguez and John White discuss care for native plants along with tips and tricks. 

Hosts Denise Rodriguez and Jan Petrzelka talk all about container gardening. From selecting your container and choosing your plants, Denise and Jan discuss the tips and tricks to make your container gardening a successful venture. 

Spring is in the air and Earth Day is just around the corner. Hosts Denise Rodriguez and Jan Petrzelka discuss how you can celebrate Earth Day all year long in your garden with earth kind principles. Plus, the Master Gardeners will be hosting many events in honor of Earth Day. 

Who doesn't like the sight of a butterfly or a hummingbird visiting a garden. While the visit of these creatures may be a nice surprirse did you know they can also be beneficial to your garden? 

It's all about the grass! With spring officially in the air you may have notice your lawn is starting to get a little color back in its roots. Hosts Denise Rodriguez and John White talk all about grass this week, specifically Bermuda grass, providing tips and tricks to help you get the greenest, healthiest lawn this season. 

Aired April 1, 2017