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WORDS ON A WIRE: Xánath Caraza

Daniel & Ben talk with Xánath Caraza about her poetry collection "Conjuro" and the chapbook "Corazon Pintado: Ekphrastic Poems."  Caraza talks about how her career path took her from Veracruz to the east coast of the U.S. to the American Midwest, and how these geographical changes affected her writing.  She also talks about how her father, a teacher, inspired her early interest in poetry.  Caraza explains why she is so touched and inspired by the 15th century female poet Macuilxochitzin, whose only surviving work is a song of war.

For this week's Poem of the Week, Xánath Caraza reads her poem "Conjuro" in both English in Spanish.

And, in anticipation of summer, we'll hear a Poetic License which originally aired August 26, 2012.  Benjamin Alire Saenz offers his reflections of summers past and present.

Aired June 16, 2013.