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WORDS ON A WIRE: Tim Z Hernandez

Daniel talks with writer and performance artist Tim Z. Hernandez, author of the collection "Natural Takeover of Small Things."  Hernandez talks about his unconventional path to publication - he already had books published before he ever decided to pursue his MFA (Master in Fine Arts) degree.  He also talks about working in a theater group with California Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera, and how the late Chicano poets Andres Montoya and Omar Salinas influenced his poetry.  Hernandez talks about a new project which revealed the names of the forgotten Mexican deportees who died in a plane crash 65 years ago and were buried in a mass grave in Fresno.  Learn more about Tim Z. Hernandez and his latest project at http://timzhernandez.com/

Tim Z. Hernandez reads this week's Poem of the Week: "Brown Christ" from his new collection, "Natural Takeover of Small Things."

Aired March 24, 2013.