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WORDS ON A WIRE: Steve Yarbrough (extended)


 In a rebroadcast from November 3, 2013, Ben & Daniel talk with novelist Steve Yarbrough, whose latest book is "The Real of Last Chances."   Yarbrough talks about why his book isn't set in the South or features Southern characters like in his past novel.  He also talks about his early start as a writer and when he first discovered Southern writers such as Faulkner.  Despite the Southern influence in his writing, many would be surprised at Yarbrough's fondness for Eastern European, Irish, and Latin American authors.  In this online exclusive interview, Daniel shares some memories from taking Steve Yarbrough's fiction-writing class in college, and Yarbrough talks about the influence of Eastern European writers in his latest book.  http://steveyarbrough.net/

Aired Aug. 31, 2014.