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WORDS ON A WIRE: Patrick Michael Finn



  In a rebroadcast from Oct. 20, 2013, Daniel & Ben talk with Patrick Michael Finn, author of the short story collection, "From the Darkness Right Under Our Feet."  Patrick talks about spending 10 years the book, and why he gave it a second chance by reworking and revising it.  "From the Darkness" eventually won the Hudson Prize in 2009.  Patrick also talks about why he has to think of writing as "fun," and if he's ever tempted to venture into popular fiction.  Patrick also reminds Ben that he was responsible for Patrick's first published story.

For today's Poem of the Week, Ben reads "Meow Meow Kitty Kitty Death Rattle" from Shin-Yu Pai's poetry collection, Aux Arcs.

And in today's Poetic License, Daniel distinguishes between literary fiction and popular fiction - "lit fic v pop fic."

Aired Aug. 17, 2014.