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WORDS ON A WIRE: Natalia Trevino


   Daniel & Ben talk with Natalia Trevino, author of the poetry collection, Lavando La Dirty Laundry.  Natalia talks about why this book almost came to be titled something else, and why a delay in the book's publishing only made it better.  

Natalia  also tells us about her her upcoming novel inspired by a painting of the Virgen de Guadalupe.  http://www.nataliatrevino.com/

Natalia Trevino reads the Poem of the Week: Lavando La Dirty Laundry.

On this Father's Day episode of Words on a Wire, Taft College professor Bill Devine offers an ode to fatherhood.  This reflection was actually an email sent to a single friend who encouraged Bill to publish it.

Aired Sun. June 15, 2014.