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WORDS ON A WIRE: Megan Bohigian


JL Powers

    In a rebroadcast from Sept 29, 2013, Ben & Daniel talk with Megan Bohigian, author of the collection "Sightlines."  Megan talks about the theatrical term "sightlines" and how she's adapted it to take on a literary meaning in revisiting memories from different perspectives.  Bohigian teaches Creative Writing at Fresno City College, and she talks with Daniel (a Fresno native) about why so many writers come out of Fresno.

For this week's Poem of the Week, Megan Bohigian reads "Learning to Dive, Chapman Compound Pool, 1962," from her collection "Sightlines."

In today's Poetic License, JL Powers, author of "This Thing Called the Future," talks about paralyzing fear...from the strange noises at night as a child, or as an adult of being raped or murdered in South Africa.

Plus, Daniel & Ben talk about their love/hate relationship with broccoli (Daniel loves it, Ben hates it).

Aired Aug. 3, 2014.