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WORDS ON A WIRE: Matthew Dickman (expanded)

Ben & Daniel talk with Matthew Dickman, author of the poetry collection "Mayakovsky's Revolver."  Dickman talks about how Frank O'Hara and a dream inspired the title to his newest collection.  He also explains how he got interested in poetry (a girl played a part in it), and how an old photo of beatnik poets persuaded him to pursue his interest.  Dickman also talks about starring with his twin brother (and fellow writer) Michael Dickman in the Steven Spielberg sci-fi drama, "Minority Report."  In this online-exclusive expanded interview, Dickman also talks about his "day jobs," which include working as Poetry Editor of "Tin House Magazine," and freelance writing for a Portland advertising firm. 

Matthew Dickman reads the Poem of the Week: "Gas Station" from "Mayakovsky's Revolver."

Aired Feb. 17, 2013.