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WORDS ON A WIRE: Maria Maloney

  Ben & Daniel talk with Maria Maloney, founder of Mouthfeel Press.  Maria talks about what drove her to create the press and why she came up with the name "Mouthfeel."  Maria also talks about the friendships she creates with the authors whose works she publishes, and about the future projects we can expect from Mouthfeel Press. http://www.mouthfeelpress.com/default.html

For this week's Poem of the Week, Maria Maloney reads from collection "Pulp" by Celina Villagarcia, which is published by Mouthfeel Press.  The poem is "A Mother's Effect on the World."

In this week's Poetic License, Los Angeles writer Conrad Romo talks about connecting with his dad over a Lenten meal of nopalitos.

Aired March 9, 2014.