KTEP - El Paso, Texas

WORDS ON A WIRE: David Shapiro

Ben & Daniel devote the entire program to an interview with poet David Shapiro.  Shapiro is also an art historian and musician, and much of the interview is interspersed with artistic and musical references.  He talks about meeting poet Frank O’Hara when he was only 15, and about publishing his first poetry at 13.  Shapiro’s latest collection, “New & Selected Poems (1965-2006),” features some of his earliest works.  Shapiro also talks about why the line between music & poetry is often blurred, and why lines of poetry can be compared to the brush strokes on a canvas. 

Shapiro also reads this week’s Poem of the Week – “Falling Upwards” – and plays the violin for us.

Aired Jan. 27, 2013.