KTEP - El Paso, Texas

STATE OF THE ARTS: Art Teacher Candie Printz

El Dorado High School art teacher, Candie Printz and her students have been on a journey inspired by a book that focuses on positive impacts within your community. In the spirit of this book, teachers were encouraged to submit project ideas to improve their community. Candie proposed that her students adopt a section of desert to clean up and create art with found objects from their clean up site. 

Now, as part of that project, artists are invited to submit works of recycled art for an upcoming show called Metamorphosis at the El Paso International Museum of Art. Here to tell us about how you can be a part of the show and about the It’s Your World Project are art teacher and artist, Candie Printz and her former student Crystal Sosa.

Originally Broadcast on March 4, 2017