KTEP - El Paso, Texas

SCIENCE STUDIO: Medical Devices

  In a conversation recorded at the 2013 Biomedical Research Symposium in El Paso, sponsored by the Medical Center of the Americas, Keith talks with Gregory Kovacs, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University.  Kovacs talks about his early interest in science, which spanned from lighting fires to dissecting a pig's head. Kovacs works on creating medical devices which could be used to affordably and effectively diagnose or read a person's vitals.  Kovacs also shares his experience in 2003 as an Investigation Scientist in the NASA's investigation into the breakup of the Shuttle Columbia.  Read more about Dr. Kovac's interesting career at http://www.stanford.edu/group/kovacslab/cgi-bin/index.php?page=gregory-kovacs.

Aired Nov. 17, 2013.