KTEP - El Paso, Texas


Guest host Russ Chianelli joins Louie Saenz in the studio for a conversation with Gary Williams, director of the Center for Research, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation Enterprises (CREIE).  They are also joined by students Alex Pastor, Eva Deemer, and Diego Capeletti, who founded the award-winning startup company, American Water Recycling Co.  They hope that their work with the material graphene, which is 200x stronger than steel and is highly impermeable, will lead to a water filter which will add clean water to the Rio Grande.  

CREIE was created to help students such as Pastor, Deemer, and Capeletti, as well as area faculty and entrepreneurs, commercialize their technologies.  They also talk about the importance of interdisciplinary study and overcoming the obstacles of understanding the technical terms and lingo of the various disciplines involved in commercializing a product.

CREIE:  915-920-0890, http://research.utep.edu/Default.aspx?alias=research.utep.edu/creie

Aired May 18, 2013.