KTEP - El Paso, Texas


Dennis Woo talks with Laura Cruz-Acosta, Marketing & Public Affairs Coordinator with Sun Metro.  Cruz-Acosta talks about upcoming improvements and additions taking place at Sun Metro terminals across the city, including expanding amenities at the Eastside Terminal, the addition of articulated buses (longer buses made up of 2 sections joined by a pivoting joint), and a new Maintenance & Operations Facility at Montana & Global Reach.  She also talks about Sun Metro's Lift buses, which transport seniors and others with disabilities directly to their destination; and the Gold Route which takes travelers from El Paso into Las Cruces, and vice versa. www.sunmetro.net

Sun Metro is also offering transportation to the Sun Bowl game on Dec. 31 from 7 locations: $3 round trip.  Sun Bowl parking is also available at the Union Plaza Transit Terminal downtown ($5), with transportation to the Sun Bowl game. www.sunmetro.net/sunbowl

Aired Dec. 29, 2012.