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Individuals interested in what it takes to sustain a career as a professional artist will hear the stories and experiences from professionals at an event presented by Las Artistas called Making Your Mark- Steps to becoming a Professional Artist. 

We're invited to a fun evening of cocktails, food and jewelry shopping with proceeds benefiting the Center Against Sexual and Family Violence's emergency shelter for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Lend us Your Ear takes place on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at the Epic Railyard Center. Jewelry has been donated by local jewelers, artists, businesses and individuals with something for everyone. 

County Extension Agent Denise Rodriguez, Master Gardener Jan Petrzelka, and Chihuahuan Gardener Curator John White catch us up to date on proper rose care as we approach our fall season. 

P.T.S.D.: It’s a major concern within our society, not just for our vets returning from war zones, but for anyone who faces a traumatic experience throughout their lifetime. But we’ve come a long way in understanding how to better treat patients with this chronic problem. Hector Garcia enlightens us on the history of P.T.S.D. and the treatments that have been discovered to be very useful in treating our veterans and other affected individuals.

Host Tim Hernandez speaks with multi-talented artist and writer, Quintan Ana Wikswo, about her interesting hybrid book that highlights her investigative work – The Hope of Floating Has Carried Us This Far. Wikswo uses old typewriters and government cameras to capture the essence of obscure places where crimes against humanity have taken place.   

They had such a major impact on peoples’ lives, that their names are going to be retired. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma were storms so strong, they were off the charts in some categories. John Fausette and Tim Bryce, from the National Weather Service, kick off a new season of The Weekend week as we discuss hurricane season and weather patterns of local interest.

Women continue to be underrepresented in film and television work, but a new showcase of emerging women filmmakers shows it’s only a matter of time before this disparity is corrected. Angie Reza Tures is the founder of the Femme Frontera Filmmaker Showcase and she joins us this week as we celebrate the success of her project, locally and internationally. 

Friday, September 22, 2017, Marfa Texas will host a performance of Walt Whitman's epic poem Song of Myself by actor, writer, and director, Johnny Stallings. Having connected with the work at an early age, Stallings performs the work from memory. ​

On the following day, Saturday, September 23rd,2017 Marfa Live Arts will hold an educational workshop taught by Johnny Stallings focused on Whitman's Song of Myself. Both events are free and open to the community.  Johnny Stallings talks about the performance and his inspiration.

The El Paso Chopin Music Festival Society presents the Festival each fall as a gift to the community.  Now in it’s 23rd season, the annual series of performances promotes the appreciation of  Chopin's music.  

The festival kicks off on Saturday, September 23, 2017 with a performance by Pianist Ning An.  Dr. Lucy Scarbrough and Joyce Whiteside talk about the festival and the performances.

One in five hospitals has contracts with fast food restaurants to provide them with food. School lunch programs have become the dumping ground for excess cheese and milk - our country's food system is in dire need of reform. Audrey Sanchez, Executive Director of Balanced, is our guest this week and she shares how this organization is fighting for responsibility in our nation's food system. 

Professor Thilo Hoffman, University of Vienna Department of Environmental Geosciences, is studying the role of nanoparticles in water. Are they harmful? Is it easy to remove them? How would we remove them? To answer some of these questions, listen in to this edition of Science Studio.

Daniel Chacón, along with guest host Richie Marrufo, dedicates this special edition of Words on a Wire to honor one of their favorite poet/singers from El Paso, who recently passed away, Azucena Domínguez. They are accompanied by multiple guests as they all share a piece of appreciation for her beautiful work over the years.

For fantasy and adventure film lovers, one of the grandfathers of the genre is the 1925 film The Lost World. The movie was recently restored and will be screened in El Paso with an original score by the famed musical trio The Alloy Orchestra and will be performed LIVE at this special screening! Our guest this week is Ken Winokur, founder and member of the Alloy Orchestra, and he discusses the art of composing new music for silent films.

The Iveys are a group of siblings who were born and raised on the farmlands of the Rio Grande, and have been making music together since childhood. Inspired by classic rock like the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel as well as soulful legends like Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, The Iveys music grew into an indie folk style strengthened by stellar harmonies and infused with a signature vibe of indie honesty.

The Iveys will be playing live from studio C at Star City Studios on Saturday, September 16th, 2017 and here to tell us all about their journey are brothers Arlen and Galen Ivey.

For the Love of Earth: A Recycled Art Exhibit features the works of over 30 artists of all levels from the El Paso, Las Cruces and Juarez area who use recycled material for their art. A reception takes place on Saturday September 16, 2017 from noon to 3pm at the OM Gallery at Star City. 

An initiative to create grant-based financial support for local filmmakers is making progress in the city of El Paso and will soon start giving out its first grants. Charles Horak is joined by Peter Svarzbein, El Paso City Council Representative for District 1, and Jesus Nuñez, local filmmaker and advocate, as they discuss the latest developments in the city of El Paso's process to create grant funding for film productions.
Local support for local films!

Sylvia Aguilar Zéleny, novelist and short story writer, joins host Daniel Chacón in-studio for an enlightening conversation on her newest book, Todo Eso Es Yo. We also take this time as an opportunity to formally welcome Aguilar Zéleny back to the University of Texas at El Paso as she returns as a new professor in our Creative Writing Department!

Dr. Armin Shwartzman, an associate professor at University of California San Diego, received a Ph.D. in statistics from Stanford University and since then has used statistics for image analysis. On this week's science studio, we begin a new season with Dr. Shwartzman as he shares with us his expertise in statistics and how he has advanced his studies. 

Augment El Paso bridges the gap between traditional print media and interactive computer media through the use of Augmented Reality. Through the use of a smartphone or tablet, an augmented image becomes a multi-sensory experience as the viewer gains the ability to interact with 3D models and graphical interfaces, view animations and streaming video, and listen to narration, sound effects, and or music. 

Tai chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. Originally developed as a martial art, tai chi has evolved into a graceful form of exercise that's now used for stress reduction and a variety of other health conditions. 

Hummingbirds are very popular in El Paso this time of the year. Denise Rodriguez, John White, and Jan Petrzelka share information on these amazing creatures and tips on how to attract them to your garden.

Jo-Anne McArthur, award-winning photojournalist author and educator, has dedicated her work to documenting the plight of animals on all seven continents for over a decade. We Animals is an ambitious project which documents, through photography, animals in the human environment. Her project has become an internationally celebrated archive, and over one hundred animal organizations have benefited from her photography, many of which continue to work closely with Jo-Anne on stories, investigations, campaigns and humane education.

***Original Broadcast Date May 22, 2016***

Brad Udall has an extensive background in water and climate policy issues, including as Director of the Western Water Assessment (University of Colorado), as the first Director of the Getches-Wilkinson Center for Natural Resources, Energy and the Environment (University of Colorado), and currently as the first senior water and climate research scientist/scholar at the Colorado Water Institute (Colorado State University). This week, he joins us in the studio for an enlightening conversation on water.

***Original Broadcast Date March 27, 2016***

Connie Voisine is an Associate Professor of English at New Mexico State University, and she's been talking to us while on sabbatical in Belfast, Ireland. Connie's latest collection of poetry is "Calle Florista," and she calls it her "desert book." For our Poem of the Week, Connie reads "Calle Florista" from the collection of the same name. Also, your host Daniel Chacón shares some of the worst literary knock-knock jokes he's found online!


Artist Rheo Santana, also known as Spliffington, will be back in El Paso for her second show at the Dream Chasers Club at 200 S. Santa Fe.

We are all invited to view her pop art aesthetic when her show “Sad Girls Club” opens on Thursday, August 31st. Today my guest is artist Spliffington. 

Under the Same Sky … We Dream is a video and sound installation by artist Erika Harrsch. Under the Same Sky focuses on children who cross borders, both with and without their families, and highlights the conditions of immigrant minors both at the border and within the United States.

The installation is accompanied by a soundtrack with phrases extracted directly from the DREAM Act of 2011 sung by internationally acclaimed Mexican singer Magos Herrera. Artist Erika Harrsch and Kerry Doyle from the Rubin Center discuss the installation.

Denise Rodriguez and Jan Petrzelka keep you informed of the upcoming event "Backyard Basics Workshop." Join us for this workshop and learn how to create a small scale food productions from home!

Summer has come and gone right before our eyes - but that doesn't mean we don't have something in store for you come the fall! Hosts Denise Rodriguez and Master Gardener Jan Petrzelka gear you up for back to school time and share details on classes being offered by the Master Gardeners for the fall.

***Original Broadcast Date November 6, 2016***

We'll revisit Statistics in this episode with Mindy McCann, Professor and Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Statistics at Oklahoma State University.   She'll discuss her early fascination with statistics, and familiarize us with the concepts of Multiple Comparisons, Confidence Intervals, and Error Rates.  McCann will also explain why one can never have a zero-percent error rate in statistical studies.

Aired August 20. 2017

***Original Broadcast Date April 24, 2016***

Ada Limón is the author of the poetry collection "Bright Dead Things," which was a finalist for the National Book Award and a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award.  She calls this her most personal, honest, and truthful collection.  Limón explains why it's her most accessible poetry - it isn't poetry written for fellow poets, it's poetry for everyone.