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Daniel talks with Juan Felipe Herrera, California Poet Laureate (aired Oct 14, 2012). Herrera is the first Hispanic Poet Laureate in the state. He talks about how he’s using the exposure to create the biggest poem in the world built on the theme of Unity. He also talks about the “I Promise Joanna” Project, which invites teachers, students, and all victims of bullying to share their stories in memory of 11-year-old Joanna Ramos, who died while being victimized by bullies. Herrera also talks about his current project - a staged presentation of monologues & poems based on interviews with Cuca & Eva Aguirre, 1930’s radio stars from the El Paso-Juarez region. Juan Felipe Herrera contributes to this week’s Poem of the Week by reading a few lines from his new play about Cuca & Eva Aguirre. www.facebook.com/pages/Juan-Felipe-Herrera/103794522993002, www.juanfelipepoet.com This week’s Poetic License comes from Paul Pedroza, a native El Pasoan who moved to the Midwest to further his studies, but who came back to El Paso after realizing it was ok to miss the desert.

In this online-exclusive expanded interview from Oct. 21, 2012, Daniel talks with Denise Duhamel, author of the poetry collection "Ka-Ching!" Duhamel talks about the inspiration behind the collection, and how a horrific real-life tragedy involving her parents inspired one of her poems. She also discusses why she considers herself to be a political poet, and why that shouldn't be a mark of shame. Duhamel talks about the rage reflected in her poetry, whether it be against corporations, the plight of low-wage earners, or the objectification of women. Duhamel also contributes today's Poem of the Week: "Delta Flight 659: To Sean Penn," from the collection "Ka-Ching!"

Are you a writer interested in contributing a Poetic License segment to the program? Contact Daniel Chacon at danchacon@utep.edu, or Benjamin Saenz at bsaenz@utep.edu.

Louie breaks down the Quality of Life Bond issue in this 2-part conversation. The first half of the program features Bonnie Escobar, Leonard "Tripper" Goodman, and Sam Thompson. They talk about the issues dominating the Quality of Life Bond election, and talk about why voters should support them. In the second half of the program, Ron McGinnis explains why he changed his mind about the Quality of Life Bond issues, and why he is encouraging voters to reject them.

Louie talks with Jonna Perrillo, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Texas at El Paso. Perrillo talks about her new book, Uncivil Rights: Teachers, Unions and Race in the Battle for School Equity, published in May 2012 by University of Chicago Press http://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/U/bo13105548.html

Denise & Norma talk about the hardy pomegranate tree and why it should be a more widely-planted tree in our region. They also talk about the benefits of composting...and why it's not as labor-intensive as you think.

Chilopsis.  Aired Oct. 24, 2012.