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Anna Vayman, violin
  Symphony No. 3
Shostakovich:  Violin Concerto No. 1

Louie talks with Senior Associate Dean Beth Brunk-Chavez and Call Center Manager Raquel Salazar about the cutting-edge UTEP CONNECT initiative.  Students can earn an online Bachelors or Masters degrees, or Graduate Certificates in Criminal Justice, Nursing, Education, Business, and so much more.  



  Greg, Liz, and Tom welcome a trio of experts to explore how animal and agricultural practices in California are contributing to the drought there.  

Mike Hudak, formerly with the Sierra Club, explains how cattle-emitted methane is increasing the amounts of methane in our atmosphere.  Hudak also believes that the use of water to grow feed crops for cattle is unconstitutional.

Ara Marderosian, executive director of Sequoia ForestKeeper, talks about the wastefulness of the water used to irrigate almond crops, especially since tons of almond hulls are used as livestock feed.  

Todd Schuman, director of Wasteful Unreasonable Use, tells us how California's export of alfafa and hay is affecting climate change and contributing to drought.  


In a rebroadcast from Dec. 14, 2014,  Daniel talks with Azar Nafisi, bestselling author of "Reading Lolita in Tehran."  Her latest book is "The Republic of Imagination: America in Three Books."  The three books referenced in this nonfiction work each describe the very American traits of nonconformity and individuality.  In this interview Nafisi explains why reading, writing, and imagination can unify and transport us - regardless of station, ethnicity, and income - to other worlds, and why this "republic of imagination" is made up of a community of readers.  http://azarnafisi.com/

Aired July 26, 2015.

Peter Svarzbein was born and raised on El Paso’s Westside and like many folks from El Paso, he left to obtain his college education and started his career outside of our city. Upon his return, Peter became a successful advocate for community development via the arts and is now City Representative for District 1.

Every Last Thursday of the month Downtown El Paso comes alive with the vibrant, passionate culture of its residents in an event know as Last Thursdays. Rudy Vasquez of the Downtown Management District, artist Juan Ornelas and Chelsie Melendez-Rivas, owner of downtown boutique Manchot talk about the event. 

El Paso Master Gardeners Facebook


   Denise & Norma talk about the signs of overwatering and underwatering plants and turf.  Plus, if you have trees growing in your lawn, prioritize the tree over the turf - it will likely need heavier watering.

Powdery mildew is also a problem with summer rains.  Find out how to control it.

And the El Paso Master Gardeners are experimenting with growing loofahs!  Denise tells us more.

Aired July 25, 2015.


Options for UTEP student housing are expanding, and on the next FOCUS ON CAMPUS, Elsa Espinosa, Rosa Sandoval, and Kevin Marshburn of the UTEP Department of Residence Life, join Louie Saenz to talk about MINER CANYON, a 103,606-square-foot complex with 83 units that each have small kitchen, living area and bathroom. The buildings themselves will be equipped with lobbies, lounges, study rooms and laundry facilities.

The Borders Project is a series of arts events and performances that challenge the histories and effects of borders, how they are constructed, who profits, who suffers and why. The final event for this initial residency will be held on Thursday, July 23rd at Fox Fine Arts at UTEP at 7:30pm. It will be a showing of the dance research in progress involving community members, artists and activists. It will be a sharing of the research that has been done for the past two weeks and a look into what is in the future for the project. 

Dos Santos: Anti-Beat Orquesta rocks the sounds of pan-Latin American cumbia. Their gritty grassroots approach captures the “golden age” of streamlined, tight-knit ensembles that shook sweatbox dance floors with raw and fierce energy throughout Latin America in the 1970s—honest dance music with no frills and no fear, anchored by piercing guitars, garage organs, and straight-ahead percussive might. Dos Santos comes to El Paso when they headline Music Under The Stars on July 19, 2015.

Agua Frontera continues the exploration of water, migration & our border community. It will be presented at the Juarez Contemporary with support from Amor Por Juárez from July 23rd through September 19, 2015. Creator, Zeke Pena, talks about this on-going transmedia project that explores the symbolic and actual role water plays in our border community.

  Denise & Norma talk about the upcoming Master Gardener class taking place in September.  Do you have time to dedicate to learning about horticulture and sharing that knowledge with the community?  Sign up before August 24. Registration information available at 915-860-2515 and online http://txmg.org/elpaso/.

Denise & Norma also talk about containers.  Terra cotta pots are beautiful, but they aren't necessarily good for your plant!  They talk about a clever way to keep those attractive pots WITHOUT harming your plants.

Aired July 18, 2015

In the first half of this episode, Dennis talks with John Fausett of the National Weather Service about our monsoon season and about his career as a meteorologist.  

In the second half of the program, Dennis interviews Rah Goddess, entrepreneurial soul coach and CEO of Move the Crowd, an academy which invites young people to use their work as a vehicle for personal growth and expression.

Louie talks with UTEP Dinner Theatre Director Greg Taylor and Program Coordinator Beverly Kerbs-Ward about the musical PIPPIN, which will run at the UTEP Dinner Theatre from July 10-26.  With its infectiously unforgettable score, PIPPIN ran for over 5 years on Broadway in its original production and swept the New York Awards circuit in 2013, winning the Tony Award as Best Musical Revival.   Greg and Beverly also talk about the remarkable history of the Dinner Theatre.

  Greg & Tom talk with Sonia Faruqi, author of "Project Animal Farm."  Faruqi found herself volunteering at a dairy farm expecting a pastoral experience.  What she discovered was abuse and a need for regulation.  This experience led her to visit factory farms around the world and explore ways to improve the lives of animals at factory & dairy farms.

UTEP President, Dr. Diana Natalicio; Associate Vice President for Business Affairs-Facilities Management, Greg McNicol; and Vice President for Student Affairs, Gary Edens discuss the Lhakhang, a traditional Bhutanese structure and permanent cultural exhibit, which is the centerpiece of the newly opened Centennial Plaza on the UTEP campus.

Part 2 of our interview with UTEP President, Dr. Diana Natalicio; Associate Vice President for Business Affairs-Facilities Management, Greg McNicol; and Vice President for Student Affairs, Gary Edens discussing the Lhakhang and Centennial Plaza on the UTEP campus. 

  Norma talks with Frances Johnson, the widow of blues pianist Johnnie Johnson, and Richard Young of the Kentucky Headhunters.  Back in 2003, the Kentucky Headhunters impulsively recorded some tracks with their friend, Johnnie Johnson (Chuck Berry's pianist), and those tracks have just been released on a CD called "Meet Me in Bluesland."  Frances & Richard share their memories of Johnson in this interview, which aired July 10, 2015.

Louie talks with John Aranda, Margie Brickey, and Ruben Vogt of the UTEP Alumni Association to talk about the UTEP ALUMNI PICK-NIC.  The UTEP Alumni Association is inviting UTEP alumni from all over the world to celebrate their alma mater on July 11.  From El Paso, to California, to Bhutan...there is a celebration near you!

Dennis welcomes back Stephanie Townsend Allala, Jessica Kludt, and Jennifer Coulter of Townsend Allala & Associates.  They specialize in elder law, and despite the name of this branch of law, this is a topic that individuals of all ages should familiarize themselves with, as we all will encounter death…of our family members and of ourselves.  In this episode, we’ll learn about the different kinds of Medicaid many El Pasoans might qualify for…the misconceptions & myths frequently passed on to uninformed clients…why there is no such thing as a “simple” will…and why visiting a lawyer is preferable to online sites when it comes to wills and other legal documents.

Debussy:  Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun
Rachmaninoff:  Piano Concerto No. 2 (Natasha Paremski, piano)
Debussy:  La Mer

In a rebroadcast from September 14, 2014,  Daniel talks with Dylan Landis, author of the novel "Rainey Royal," a book about a 14-year-old girl (described by Daniel as a "Mean Girl") growing up in Greenwich Village in a very unconventional household. The book follows her along a 10-year span in which she makes & breaks friendships and relationships.  Dylan explains how Rainey was a character introduced briefly in an earlier short story, and after a failed attempt at a Typhoid Mary project, Dylan decided to dedicated an entire book to Rainey. http://www.dylanlandis.com/

Today's Poem of the Week is Gwendolyn Brooks' "A Song in the Front Yard," read by local poet Nancy Lechuga.

And today's Poetic License is a reflection on remembrance read by Carolynne Muehsam-Ayoub.  The piece is entitled "Garden Tomatoes."

Aired July 5, 2015.

Emergence Health Network is gearing up for its 4th Annual Frances Rodriguez Memorial Wonderland Concert that benefits individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The concert takes place on Friday, July 17th at Tricky Falls and will feature live salsa music by three bands including the Latin beat of Asucar, Sobredosis del Sabor and Marcelo Rodche Y Friends. 

The El Paso Society for Musicians of the Future has awarded pianist Samuel Barron as the winner of the 2015 Young Musicians’ Competition. Samuel will receive a $2000.00 cash prize and will perform in their “Full Circle-Bridging Generations” Concert at 7:30 pm on July 16th, at the El Paso Museum of Art. Lynn Provenzano of the El Paso Society for Musicians of the Future and Samuel Barron, winner of the 2015 Young Musicians competition talk about the performance.

The El Paso Symphony Orchestra will perform a free concert celebrating America’s Independence on July 4 at 7:30pm at Biggs Park located at 11388 Sergeant Major Blvd. EPSO Resident Conductor Andy Moran will lead the El Paso Symphony in a patriotic and pops concert featuring El Pasoan, Candice Reyes that will culminate with a spectacular fireworks display in salute of the brave men and women of Fort Bliss and all those who served to protect our country. Rosemary Flores of the El Paso Symphony Orchestra and Conductor Andy Moran preview the show.

  If your grass has brown spots, there are 2 likely culprits - a faulty sprinkler system or nasty little grub worms.  Denise & Norma explain why you shouldn't panic if you find 1 or 2 grub worms in your yard...and when you should head to the hardware store to find the right chemical to treat them.

Aired July 4, 2015.

  Louie Saenz talks with curator Scott Cutler and UTEP Biological Sciences professor Liz Walsh about the latest exhibit at the Centennial Museum at UTEP.  Invertebrates are spineless creatures who depend heavily on their jaws to survive, and their unique mouths differ vastly from those of vertebrates. The Centennial Museum on the UTEP campus is celebrating some of the tiniest invertebrates with the exhibit INVERTEBRATE JAWS: No Bones About Them. 

  Dennis talks with Stephanie Townsend Allala, Jessica Kludt, and Jennifer Coulter of Townsend Allala & Associates.  They specialize in elder law, and despite the name of this branch of law, this is a topic that individuals of all ages should familiarize themselves with, as we all will encounter death…of our family members and of ourselves.  Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Special Needs Trusts – these are all topics covered in this episode, which is the first of a series of interviews. 

US Army Heritage and Education Center

  2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the first US combat troops landing in Vietnam. Louie Saenz talks with investigative journalist GEORGE BLACK about his article for The Nation detailing continuing effects of Agent Orange and unexploded bombs in Quang Tri, the most devastated province in the war. Best estimates show that since the war's end nearly 40,000 people have been killed by unexploded ordinance, and another 65,000 have been maimed.  

  Rowdy Girl Sanctuary was created when a 4th-generation cattle rancher was given an ultimatum by his wife, who desperately cared for the animals she saw being sent to slaughter.  Greg & Tom talk with Renee King-Sonnen, who tells her inspirational story and the stories of the amazing animals on this cattle-ranch-turned-vegan farm animal sanctuary.