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  People living with obesity face a number of obstacles, including discrimination and obesity bias. And the cause of their obesity is not always reduced to just choice or lack of motivation.  On this program we'll visit with Leah Whigham, Executive Director of the Paso del Norte Institute for Healthy Living, who'll educate us on evidence-based approaches to improving health and reducing the causes of obesity in our community.


Aired Aug. 27, 2016

The Let There Be Rock school is a brand new music school that looks to provide young musicians with a path toward improving their skill set.

As a performance-based school, kids come and take private lessons, are then paired up with a band, once they're in a band, they name their band and have rehearsals every week, just like the pros do. Here to tell us about Let There Be Rock is Pepe Clarke.

A 'Giant' Story explores the film’s main themes along with its ties to El Paso.

The exhibit at the El Paso Museum of History includes authentic costumes worn by Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean and Rock Hudson, photos, production art and documents as well as memorabilia from the collections of El Pasoan Wally Cech, who worked as a waitress on the Marfa shoot, and Nancy Hamilton, who covered the movie’s El Paso premiere at the Plaza Theatre on November 8, 1956 for the El Paso Times.

Ben Fyffe details the exhibit.


  Oleander might not be toxic to those little aphids who swarm the plant in the spring, but it is toxic to humans and to pets. The ingestion of 1 leaf can cause severe illness or even death. If you have pets, you may wonder what plants in your landscape might be toxic. You may also be surprised as to the number of plants on that list. 

On this program, we'll hear about some of the plants that may be harmful to your domestic animals, and why you shouldn't necessarily panic and yank everything in your yard out of the ground!

Here are some helpful online resources:  https://hort.purdue.edu/ext/poisonousplants.htmlhttp://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/toxic-and-non-toxic-plantshttp://www.cceoneida.com/home-and-garden/factsheets/plants-and-fungi/toxic-plants/

Aired Aug 27, 2016

  Princess Leia in Star Wars...Furiosa in Fury Road...Mammy in Gone with the Wind...

What do these characters have in common?  They are strong female characters in film.  The Alliance for Women Film Journalists has compiled a list of the top 55 women in cinema - the Wonder Women.  Jennifer Merin, founder and president of the AWFJ joins us on this program to tell us more.


Aired Aug. 27, 2016

  MINERPALOOZA is UTEP's welcome-back event for its students. On this program, Christian Corrales will tell us about all the events and live bands that will be taking part in UTEP's biggest tradition taking place August 26.




  *Rebroadcast from Feb 10, 2013*

Keith talks with Gregory O.D. Smith, Chairman of URENCO United Kingdon, and Chief Cultural Officer at URENCO Group.  At the time of this interview in 2012, Smith was president and CEO of EURENCO, a uranium enrichment company located in Eunice, New Mexico.  Smith talks about the large, fast centrifuges that separate uranium-238 from uranium-235 and result in an enriched uranium product for nuclear power plants. www.eurenco.com

Aired Aug 21, 2016

  Inspired by a true story, Amy Stewart came across an old news story about an old buggy accident at the turn of the century.  She spun that story into the tale of Constance and her sisters, who had been living a quiet life to hide a family secret...until a belligerent silk factory owner runs down their buggy and brings the sisters back into the spotlight.  Stewart joins us on this program to tell us more about what inspired the story.


Aired Aug. 21, 2016


  *Rebroadcast from Oct. 12, 2014*

Today's Poem of the Week is "The Red Poppy" by Louise Glück, read by local poet, Nancy Lechuga.

Aired Aug. 21, 2016


  *Rebroadcast from Oct 12, 2014*

  Daniel welcomes Richard Blanco, the poet who read at President Obama's second inauguration.  Blanco's latest work is a memoir, "The Prince of Los Cocuyos: A Miami Childhood," and he talks about learning about himself while writing about his Cuban immigrant family, and how he had to separate himself from his "poet" self in order to write his memoir.  The discussion also focuses on the humor in the book, especially Blanco's musings on the culture clash over American vs Cuban food.  http://richard-blanco.com/

Aired Aug 21, 2016

  *Rebroadcast from Oct. 12, 2014*

Taking a page from Richard Blanco's memoir and his frequent reference to The Brady Bunch, host Daniel Chacón offers HIS thoughts on The Brady Bunch and how it was NOTHING like his life at home, and how it was presciently reflective of today's modern family. 

Aired Aug. 21, 2016

  Jamie Flores is the Program and Education Director at the El Paso Holocaust Museum and Study Center.  She joins us to tell us about the museum's new children's exhibit, Remember Me: Children of the Holocaust, which is designed to educate children as young as 6 about the Holocaust in age-sensitive, interactive way.  Flores also talks about upcoming fundraisers for the museum, including the Tour de Tolerance taking place August 21 at Sunland Park Racetrack & Casino.

Learn more about the museum, its exhibits, and its fundraisers at http://www.elpasoholocaustmuseum.org/, or call 915-351-0048.

Aired Aug 20, 2016

  Linda Calk, Ian Wilson, and Susan Sobin of OLLI at UTEP (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) spend time in the KTEP studios to tell us about many of the fascinating courses available for adults 50 and older.  Classes range from Tai Chi, How to Research Your Family Tree, presidential politics and how they have changed history, to Ukulele.  

Classes begin Tue. Sept 6, registration is open Aug 15-26.  Enroll by phone at 915-747-6280 or 915-747-8848, or visit http://olliatutep.org/

$70 per semester, unlimited classes. Parking passes will be provided.

Aired Aug. 20, 2016

El Late Nite con Badia is a Television show that takes us back to the Dick Cavvett Days of TV—loads of fun, self-aware to a point of self-mockery, and more than anything—it feels new because it’s so old.

The highlight of the show? Our beautiful border and the people that make it happen. Here to tell us all about it, is the crew that puts it together—Antonio Badia, Gabe Ruiz and Eduardo Espinosa.

Remember Me: Children of the Holocaust is the harrowing story of the Holocaust as told through the eyes of its youngest victims and survivors.  Using diaries and survivor testimonies the story unfolds of lives forever changed by bigotry and prejudice.  

This exhibit is the El Paso Holocaust Museum's first exhibit designed and curated entirely in-house. This is also EPHM’s first exhibit created entirely about children and for children.  Remember Me: Children of the Holocaust will run through October 9 and admission is free.

Here to tell us all about it is Jamie Flores, Programming and Education Director for the El Paso Holocaust Museum.

Owen Deutsch

  Cooler summer means an increase in hummingbird activity in the garden! On this program we'll find out some interesting facts about these feisty little hummers, including the remarkable ability to remember your yard if you have yummy feeders or plants...and we'll learn what we can do to keep them in our yards.

A terrific resource for learning about hummingbirds in the Southwest is the book Hummingbird Plants of the Southwest by Marcy Scott.  

Aired Aug. 20, 2016

  Adriana Montenegro immersed herself in European art house and French New Wave films in college.  She is sharing her love of foreign films with the community in the Cineboom film series.  Upcoming films include "Blue is the Warmest Color" (Aug 22), "City of God" (Aug 29), "Pan's Labyrinth" (Sept 5), and many more.  Films screen Mondays at sundown at Boomtown, 2430 Wyoming, in the patio.


Aired Aug. 20, 2016

  Jorge Vasquez is the Executive Director of UTEP Special Events, and he joins us to tell us about some of the acts coming to the UTEP campus (Maná, Juan Gabriel, monster trucks), and why it is so difficult to book big-name acts.


Aired Aug. 19, 2016

  The Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce has the floor on this program, as guest host Richard Dayoub, President & CEO of the Chamber, welcomes Marybeth Stevens, Chair of the Board of the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce, and Jackie Butler, Vice President of the Chamber's Government Relations & Education Division.  Among other topics, they discuss the Chamber's Inner City Visits to cities like Oklahoma City and Nashville to learn how they were able to revitalize their downtown areas and incorporate those ideas to El Paso's downtown revitalization.

Aired Aug. 13, 2016

  The latest animal rights and vegetarian/vegan news:

The Cornucopia Institute has recently released its "Scrambled Eggs" report, which reveals fraud in the "organic" egg industry.  Most organic eggs on the market do not meet organic standards, despite receiving the USDA stamp of approval.  Read the full report here: http://www.cornucopia.org/scrambled-eggs-separating-factory-farm-egg-production-from-authentic-organic-agriculture/

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) reports that Sea World has dropped its lawsuit challenging restrictions on its captive orca program.  Read more here: http://aldf.org/press-room/press-releases/seaworld-drops-lawsuit-challenging-restrictions-on-captive-orca-program/

Aired Aug. 14, 2016

Lisa Versaci and John Papola are the husband-and-wife filmmakers behind "At the Fork."  Lisa, a vegetarian, and omnivore John take a trip to factory farms to explore the moral dilemma between how animals are treated at these facilities and why we choose to eat them despite knowing the cruel facts. Oftentimes, its the farmers themselves who encounter the moral dilemmas.  


Aired Aug. 14, 2016

Texas A&M


*Rebroadcast from Feb 3, 2013*

  Keith & Russ talk with Kevin Burgess, Professor of Chemistry, Texas A&M University, College Station TX.  Burgess talks about the importance of learning how proteins interact, and which molecules interact best with others.  Resulting research has led to advances in fighting HIV, diabetes, and cancer.  Burgess also talks about his work with florescent molecules and how they can be used to mark DNA strands or view interactions between proteins inside a cell. 

Aired Aug. 14, 2016

  *Audio is forthcoming* Brazilian native JULIANA BARBASSA is the author of "Dancing with the Devil in the City of God: Rio de Janeiro and the Olympic Dream." The book profiles the city of Rio de Janeiro as it struggled with poverty and corruption in preparation for 2016 Olympic Games. http://julianabarbassa.com/ Aired Aug. 14, 2016

  *Rebroadcast from Oct 5, 2014*

Host Daniel Chacón talks with Lee Ann Roripaugh, author of the poetry collection "Dandarians."  This collection grew out of "word betrayals," English words misunderstood in transmission from her Japanese mother that came to take on symbolic ramifications in her early years.  Daniel and Lee talk about the interesting words that they have come to love over the years, and explore how Lee's musical background plays into her poetry's musicality.  

For the Poem of the Week, Lee Ann Roripaugh reads the final poem in her collection, Dandarians - "The Violin Thief."


Aired Aug 14, 2016.

  *Rebroadcast from Oct 5, 2014*

Host Daniel Chacón explores the many interesting collective nouns in our language: murder of crows...glaring of cats...school of fish...and he even tries to make up some new ones, too!

Aired Aug. 14, 2016

  Ilana Lapid is a filmmaker and an assistant professor at New Mexico State University. Her latest project, Yochi, was filmed in Belize with non-actors, and tells the story of two brothers - the younger one who is selectively mute after his grandfather dies, and the older one who turns to poaching to pay his debts.

A fundraising screening of an unfinished version of Yochi will screen at the Plaza Classic Film Festival on Saturday, August 13 at 4 p.m., at the El Paso Community Foundation's Foundation Room, 333 N. Oregon.  Admission and donations will assist in the film's completion. 

Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/YochiFilm/

Aired Aug. 13, 2016

  Longtime border journalist Diana Washington Valdez joins us on this program to talk about her career.  A native of El Paso, she talks about some of the early stories she covered, the groundbreaking work she did in reporting on the missing & murdered women of Ciudad Juarez, and the reporting she currently does for the Digie Zone (http://thedigiezone.com/).

Aired Aug. 13, 2016

We are invited to pay homage to some of the greatest musicians from our community with The Barrio Soul Mural created by artist Cimi Alvarado.

The mural that features bands such as The Birdland Combo, The Rythmairs, The Nite-Dreamers, The El Paso Drifters, Little Mike , Charlie Miller and the Jives and of course, the man that shared all the music with us, the legendary Steve Crosno is located at 523 S. Campbell in Segundo Barrio between thrid and fourth streets.

Here to tell us all about it, are artist Jesus “Cimi” Alvarado and Kathleen Decker.

Area families are invited to the El Paso Museum of Archaeology for a fun-filled day of Archaeology crafts and activities at the museum’s first ever Family Day.

Families are welcome to participate in a mock excavation, archery lessons, and atl-atl demonstrations as well as puppet-making, face painting and other crafts with an Archaeological twist.

Here to tell us about the days activities is Brittany Hutchinson, community engagement coordinator for the Museum of Archaeology. 

Facebook El Paso Master Gardeners

  It's almost back-to-school time, and maybe your kids' school is thinking of starting up a garden on campus. On this program, we'll hear about the endless possibilities in a school garden tended by students and teachers.

If your school would like assistance from the Master Gardeners on how to get your school garden started, call 915-771-2354.

Aired August 13, 2016