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The Hal Marcus Gallery is celebrating it’s 20 year anniversary with a show called “20/20 Visionary,” 20 Years, 20+ New artists. The show opens on Thursday, February 25, 2016 from 5 to 9 pm and will be on display through Friday, June 3, 2016. Hal Marcus and his daughter Adelaide Marcus talk about the show.

The larger-than-life Pop Art of Reggie Watterson’s Texas Pop Art is currenlty covering the walls at The Art Avenue Gallery, El Paso’s newest contemporary art gallery. Watterson creates multi-level color combinations by using the hues in fruit and vegetables as the main focus of his canvas, some as large as 48” x 48”. The show will be up until February 25, 2016.  Kimberly Vanecek, owner of the Art Avenue Gallery talks about the show. 

  Weeds are a pesky problem.  There are so many different kinds of weeds sprouting in our landscape, it can be overwhelming.  However, all we really need to know is whether a weed is broadleaf or grassy.  Once we figure that out, we can determine the best solution for eliminating them from our yards.   

Here are some helpful links on weed types, control, and prevention.  https://pender.ces.ncsu.edu/2014/02/applying-pre-emergent-herbicides-to-lawns/http://www.clemson.edu/extension/hgic/pests/pdf/hgic2310.pdf  (If you have question about how this information translates to us here in the southwest, call the Texas AgriLife Extension at 915-771-2354!)

Aired  Feb 20, 2016

  Julian Leyzaola was hired as the police chief of Ciudad Juarez in 2011 at the height of drug cartel violence. Leyzaola drastically reduced the murder rate in his 2 years in office, yet the means by which he achieved these results could have involved corruption, civil rights abuses, and even murder.
Filmmaker Charlie Minn joins us to talk about his latest production, MEXICO'S BRAVEST MAN, which opens locally at Premiere Cinemas in Bassett Place on Feb 26http://www.mexicosbravestman.com/

Aired Feb 20, 2016

The HUB OF HUMAN INNOVATION is a local nonprofit which supports emerging entrepreneurs with mentorship and tools to help boost their business to the next level. On this edition of EL PASO PRIME TIME, we'll hear a conversation with the Hub's new President & CEO, Joe Wardy.

Dance faculty, staff, and students at UTEP are gathering their talents for an upcoming production of Stravinsky's Firebird and an original work called My Mozart.  Trisha Holmes and Brandon Ray Alba are two students who will be featured in the production, and they'll join us on FOCUS ON CAMPUS to talk about this exciting program which will play at the Wise Family Theatre from Feb 12-21. 

  Physician, author, and nutrition expert Dr. Michael Greger joins us on this program to talk about his latest book, HOW NOT TO DIE.  Is health care really the 3rd leading cause of death in American?  Dr. Greger makes the argument that it is...but it doesn't have to be.  Most deadly diseases like heart disease, Type II Diabetes, and certain cancers are preventable with a healthy lifestyle and the adoption of a plant-based diet.   

Read more of Dr. Greger's recommendations for a long and healthy life at http://nutritionfacts.org/.

Dr. Greger will be the guest speaker at the Vegetarian Society of El Paso's Winter Vegan Buffet, Sat. Feb 20, at 6:30pm, at the Country Inn & Suites, formerly the Sunland Park Holiday Inn.  The dinner is sold out.  http://vsep.org/

Aired Feb. 14, 2016

  In a rebroadcast from a June 2011 interview, host Keith Pannell interviews Barry Marrs, Chief Technical Officer with Athena Biotechnologies Inc.  Marrs describes the fascinating ways bacteria reproduce, and how the cost of ethanol can be significantly cut by using bacteria that function under higher temperatures.

Aired Feb 14, 2016

Conservation CATalyst

  The latest in animal rights and plant-based nutrition:

Conservation CATalyst and the Center for Biological Diversity share a new video of a rare jaguar siting.  "El Jefe," the only known wild jaguar in the U.S., has been roaming the Santa Rita Mountains near Tucson AZ for 3 years, but his habitat may be in danger from a Canadian mining company with plans to develop an open pit copper mine nearby.  Read the article and see the video at http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/news/press_releases/2016/jaguar-02-03-2016.html

Target is joining the growing number of companies offering meat-free alternatives to consumers, making compassionate shopping choices more available and affordable to a growing number of consumers.  Read the article from vegan.com: http://www.vegan.com/posts/target-vegan-meats/

The Center for Biological Diversity reports that American taxpayers have lost over $1-billion over the last decade on programs that allow livestock to graze on public lands.  Livestock owners pay less today to graze their animals than they did in 1981.  Read the article at http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/news/press_releases/2015/grazing-01-28-2015.html

Aired Feb 14, 2016

  Maceo Montoya is an artist, writer, and educator, and his newest novella is "You Must Fight Them," which centers on a half-white, half-Mexican man who returns to his northern California hometown to reconnect with the Chicana girl he worshipped in high school.  He must first, however, fight her tough brothers before he can date her.

Tim Z. Hernandez

  Hosts Tim Hernandez and Daniel Chacon talk about the tendency for may writers to paint, and vice versa.  Tim had started out as a visual artist before turning primarily to writing.  Daniel channels his creative visual energy to photography.

Aired Feb. 14, 2016

The El Paso Museum of Art, the Consulate General of Mexico in El Paso, and Fundación Sebastian present Knot: The Art of Sebastian/El arte de Sebastian. The recent artworks by renowned Mexican sculptor Sebastian investigate the infinite possibilities in knotted and interlaced structures derived from cosmology and quantum physics. 

Art en Vivo is a live screen-printing project hosted by Proper Printshop. Every Thursday night, they invite a different artist/designer to hand print an edition of 50 posters. All they ask is that the artist pays for the paper and the artwork preparation (if necessary). Then, they sell the prints at the show, and split the profits. Any leftover prints are divided equally between Proper and the artist/designer. 

Photo by: Helen Battersby, gardendesign.com

  The design of one's landscape is just as important as what's planted in it. On this program, we'll talk about garden design trends, like monochromatic color schemes, using veggies as landscape accents, outdoor living spaces, and lighting options.

Aired Feb. 13, 2016

Kathleen Bombach of El Paso Community College and Jaime Chavez of UTEP’s Department of Communication join us to talk about Black History Month events being presented by EPCC.   Events include film screenings, theatre & music performances, and read-ins.   Most events take place at the EPCC Administrative Services Center at 9050 Viscount, and read-ins take place at various EPCC campuses.  

Eurydice Saucedo of the El Paso Playhouse joins us to talk about the upcoming production of “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen.  Performances are Feb 19-March 12, Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm.  The El Paso Playhouse is located at 2501 Montana.  

  UTEP students have the opportunity to learn where the great masters of literature wrote. Through the UTEP STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM, students will have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Shakespeare or other European writers in Paris & London.  Daniel Chacon and David Ruiter talk about the adventures awaiting some very lucky students.

NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

  Dr. Jim Murphy, Associate Professor in New Mexico State University's Astronomy Department will give us a primer on Mars.  What is the composition of the Martian atmosphere, and how do scientists determine that information?  Martian weather has many similarities with Earth's weather: seasons, dust storms, and weather systems.  The Martian day is also very similar to Earth's 24-hour cycle.

Aired Feb. 7, 2016

  Juan J. Morales is an Associate Professor of English at Colorado State University in Pueblo, and is the author of the new collection of poems, The Siren World.  Juan joins us to tell us about how he approaches poetry in the classroom to students who might not "get it."  Plus, he explains why The Siren World took 7 years to evolve until it was finally published.  

Juan J. Morales reads this week's Poem of the Week:  What I Said Once Time when a Woman Called Me Jose."

Aired Feb. 7, 2016

  Host Daniel Chacon is collecting literary jokes and shares a few.  Be prepared...some of them are just NOT that funny!!

If you know of any literary jokes, share them with Daniel at danchacon@utep.edu.

Aired Feb 7, 2016

UTEP, the El Paso Symphony Orchestra, and EPISD are working together to produce a "Dvorak and America" Festival put together by New York writer/producer Joseph Horowitz. This is part of a high-profile initiative involving a host of other nationwide orchestras that form part of Horowitz’s Music Unwound consortium--a project heavily funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. 

The El Paso Community Foundation’s Jewel Box Series presents an intoxicating Valentine’s Day spectacular inspired by the Roman Fertility Festival. Lupercalia Uber Alles features dramatic vignettes written by Stella Maria Perry and Mackenzie Cochran, with dance choreography by Mindy Chanson, Artistic Director of the Pasithea Dance Co.

  It's February and it's time to start warming up our green thumbs.  In February, we should start planting our roses, planting cool-season annuals for a pop of color...start ordering seeds from seed catalogs...do some last minute pruning...and give a haircut to those tall ornamental grasses.

The Master Gardeners post their monthly garden tips online at http://txmg.org/elpaso/month-by-month-gardening-tips/february/

Aired Feb. 6, 2016

  James Fino is co-executive producer of the Oscar-nominated film "Anomalisa."  In this special online expanded interview, Fino talks about Anomalisa's tough journey from development to the screen while remaining completely independent.  The story was based on a Charlie Kaufman radio play, and Fino explains why the story was tailor made for stop-motion animation.  The realistic animation in this movie created its own challenges, including trays full of individual facial features created with 3D printers.

The film is screening now at local theaters.

Aired Feb 6, 2016

Robert Nachtmann, Dean of the UTEP College of Business, joins us to tell us more about how the College of Business is working to provide students in the El Paso/Juarez with much-needed advanced managerial education and experience. 

UTEP L.I.V.E. is a leadership program series designed to educate and engage UTEP students in discussions about leadership, innovation, vision, and engagement on & off campus.  Louie Saenz talk with Maralyn Doering, Shannon Osborne, and Sergio Rosales about what students can take away from UTEP L.I.V.E.


  Science Studio continues its exploration of Science Magazine's Top Scientific Breakthroughs of 2015.

Reta Beebe of the New Mexico State University Astronomy Department joins us to tell us about the amazing discoveries the New Horizons spacecraft made about Pluto's nitrogen atmosphere.

Stephen Pate of the NMSU Physics Department untangles Quantum Entanglement, and why particles on an atomic level and smaller appear to follow a different law than Newton's laws of physics.

Aired Jan. 31, 2016

  Renown cultural anthropologist and poet Renato Rosaldo joins us on this program to talk about "The Day of Shelly's Death: The Poetry and Ethnography of Grief" (2014),  a collection of Anthropoesia​ - poems that blend the language of ethnography with that of poetry.  The book reflects on the events that surrounded an October 1981 trip to the Philippines, where Rosaldo's wife Shelly, herself an anthropologist, was killed when she lost her footing and fell off a cliff.  The poems are told in the voices of the people and places surrounding the event...from their two young sons who were left without a mother, to a tricycle taxi driver, to the actual cliff itself.

For our Poem of the Week, Renato Rosaldo reads a selection from "The Day of Shelly's Death."  "Tricycle Taxi Driver" is told from the perspective of the taxi driver who gave Renato and his sons a ride after Shelly's body was recovered.

Aired Jan. 31, 2016

In February, Monica Gomez begins teaching a series of six MCAD/TCA-funded Community Arts Program workshops titled “Yes We Kandinsky!” that will use visual art and music to generate creative writing. 

El Paso is home to one of the world’s most hardcore flea markets of all time—a punk rock flea market. We’re all familiar with traditional flea markets, with organic soaps, home-made t-shirts and strange antiques. Now imagine the same setting but filled with horror and punk themed items ranging from: art, vinyl, rockabilly items, antiques, band shirts, comics and live music. This ain’t your grandma’s market.