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The Downtown Management District is looking for a few good local filmmakers. The Reel Authentico Video Contest is asking entrants to produce a video that captures the spirit of ‘Authentico’ in Downtown El Paso.

It's the 21st century and while we may not have the flying cars that were predicted in earlier years the year 2017 has seen a surge in virtual reality. From games to home assistants virtual reality is becoming a part of our daily lives. The Interactive Systems Group (ISG) at UTEP is a team of dedicated professors, graduate and undergrad students who study, develop, and investigate these interactive systems.

Stephanie Townsend Allala is a veteran journalist and El Paso Elder law attorney. After two decades in radio, television, and newspaper, she took her advocacy in a different direction- helping the disenfranchised. She devotes her life to public service, and has served as the President and or Director of all of the following organizations: The El Paso Women’s Bar Association, El Paso Women’s Bar Auxiliary, El Paso Bar Association, El Paso Press Club, El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, El Paso Association of Hispanic Journalists, and CASA of El Paso. This week on The Weekend, host Louie Saenz features a conversation with Stephanie Allala as they discuss some of the issues we all face as well as some of the issues we may likely be afraid to face.


Political scientist Dr. Gregory Rocha returns to our studio to discuss President Trump’s first 100 days in office.

We've all been alerted of the dangers of I.T. theft. Did you know that our kids spend 6-8 hours a day on the Internet? And 38% percent of toddlers and babies under the age of 2 have used a mobile device. On this edition of The Weekend, host Louie Saenz speaks with Cyber Security Specialist Brian Jalep, who talks about these statistics as well as other alarming facts.

Carlos Marentes, Executive Director of Sin Fronteras Organizing Project, Jenny VanKleef, Sin Frontera Volunteer Coordinator, and Patricia Palafox, Board Member of Second Chance Wild Life Rescue, feature a conversation with host Greg Lawson about pesticides and the dangers farm workers face. 

Kristie Middleton is the Senior Food Policy Director for the Humane Society of the United States and shares her inspiration behind her latest book, Meatless: Transform the Way You Eat and Live - One Meal at a Time

Val Altounian, Science Magazine

*** Orginally Broadcast on January 17, 2016***

Science Magazine recently reported on the Top Scientific Breakthroughs of 2015, and on this episode of Science Studio, we'll learn about two of them: CRISPR Gene Editing Technology, and Reproducibility in Psychology.

Charlotte Vines and Colin Bill of the UTEP Department of Biological Sciences, tell us how CRISPR allows scientists to deliberately edit DNA to stop the expression of a particular protein.  Drs. Vines and Bill are attempting to use this technology to knock out a gene that sends T-cell leukemias into the brains of children where they are virtually undetectable and untreatable with chemotherapy.

Dr. Lawrence Cohn of the UTEP Psychology Department explains the variability of research findings in the field of psychology.  Various research groups often try to replicate the same study, yet there is much variability in their findings.  Dr. Cohn explores the causes behind the variability.


Aired July 9, 2017

***Originally Broadcasted on October 2, 2016***

Martín Espada is a poet and teaches poetry at the University of Massachusetts  Amherst.  His latest collection of poems is "Vivas to Those Who Have Failed," and he reads a number of poems from the collection on the program.  He also talks about his documentary photographer father's influence on his life and work, and about the historical events that make their way into his poems.


Aired July 9, 2017

The team behind the recent hit book The Tacos of Texas, Mando Rayo & Jarod Neece, have been selected for ITVS funding to develop a pilot episode for a new Online Series. The Digital Series will focus on the people, the places and the taco culture in the Great State of Texas.

The Tacos of Texas team will be in El Paso to film the pilot episode this summer. Today, we’re checking in with native El Pasoan and taco journalist Mando Rayo to fill us in on this new developement.

Players on the Wall is El Paso's newest theatre company, and they intend to make a splash with their first production: Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, by John Patrick Shanley.

Players on the Wall seeks to create a stunning contemporary and classical theatre with the best talent El Paso has to offer. They are hoping that Danny and the Deep Blue Sea will be the springboard for their company. Performances take place on July 14th, 15th and 16th and here to talk about the production are Brian Ceely and Austin Savage.

Can't contain your joy for gardening? Well luckily for you this episode is all about container gardening. Hosts Denise Rodriguez, John White and Jan Petrzelka provide a crash course on container gardening on this episode of Good to Grow. 

The professional film making community in El Paso is growing with many filmmakers opting to split their time between commercial work and personal projects. DoubleScope Films is a local production company that has recently made their new short film available on their Website for viewing. Jaime Blanco, founder of DoubleScope, and Jesús Nuñez, creative director for DoubleScope, talk about their new short film "Cycle" as well as their production company. 

***Originally Aired March 20, 2016*** 

Cisplatin is a commonly used cancer drug, but its use in children sometimes leads to permanent hearing loss.  Tim Hanson, Professor of Statistics from the Department of Statistics of the University of South Carolina, joins us to tell us how statistics is making it possible for health professionals to determine whether the drugs are indeed harmful and whether alternative treatment is preferable for these young patients.

Aired July 2, 2017

Gallery 3 Kitchen recently opened its doors.  This "Comfort food with a twist" restaurant/art gallery is focused on hosting work by local artists. They don’t charge to host artwork and only ask that artists donate a portion of sales from art they sell at Gallery 3 to a local non-profit organization. Gallery 3 welcomes portfolio submisions from local El Paso artists througout the year. 

The Film Salon has expanded it’s showings of classic and important films at the Alamo Drafthouse. You can now catch these special screenings on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month. This month’s Film Salon kicks off on July 1, 2017 with a showing of The Night of the Hunter. 

With Fourth of July right around the corner it's tome to celebrate and what better way to show your patriotic pride than through your garden. Host Denise Rodriguez is joined by John White and Jan Petrzelka to discuss how to prep your garden for the celebration. 

Samuel Beckett is one of the most influential writer, thinker, and theater director of the 20th century. Beckett is best known for his play Waiting for Godot. Five years before Waiting for Godot, Beckett made a singular foray into cinema writing and creating a short film simply titled "Film". 

The hosts of KTEP's "Good to Grow" stop by the studio and discuss summer gardening tips with Louie.

***Originally Aired January 3, 2016*** 

Jon Chorover is Professor and Department Head at the Department of Soil, Water, and Environmental Science at the University of Arizona. 

Joseph Finder is a New York Times bestselling author of fourteen suspense novels, including his latest novel "The Switch". Two of Finder's novels have been adapted into major motion pictures. 

Annabelle Gurwitch is an actress and the author of Wherever You Go, There They Are. She is a New York Times best seller and a Thurber Prize finalist. She’s written for the New Yorker, the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Hollywood Reporter


  ***Orginal Broadcast Date: Janurary 18, 2015***

 Daniel & Tim talk with poet Soul Vang, whose latest collection "To Live Here" is a collection of poems that unfolds as a memoir.  The book tells of the Hmong experience in the US, and of Soul's experiences as a Hmong writer in Fresno CA and a US Army veteran.  Soul is also a founder of the Hmong American Writers Circle http://hmongwriters.org/

For this week's Poem of the Week, Soul Vang reads "Chino" from his collection, "To Live Here."

The Tumbleweed Collective Presents RE-: Stories of the Borderland a dance performance that explores the REality of living on the cusp of two nations.

"RE-" targets present issues and reflects on the importance of the bi-national land where we coexist, the multicultural RElationships which forge "hermanidad" and how we overcome challenges unique to this area.

Art En Vivo is a live screen-printing project where artists and designers are invited to turn a piece of their original art into an edition of hand-printed posters.

The inaugural series of Art En Vivo featured 52 artists from El Paso, Juarez, and Las Cruces over the course of 48 live-printing events.   There were no curatorial guidelines other than the geographic location of the Artists; as a result, the series is very diverse in terms of each Artist’s primary medium, age, skill level, and subject matter.

From June Bugs to finding the best tomato fertilizer, host Denise Rodriguez and Master Gardener Jan Petrzelka open up the Master Gardeners question vault and answer your frequently asked questions. 

Stephen Hunter is an award winning author and journalist. He has written over 20 novels including the Bob Lee Swagger Series. His latest novel "G-Man" is the most recent installment in that series. 

The good, the bad and the crawly. Not all insects are the same, while some may cause harm to your plants others may actually benefit your garden. 

California State University - Sacramento

***Originally Aired March 2, 2014***

Keith talks with Emir Jose Macari, Dean of the College of Engineering & Computer Science at California State University - Sacramento.  He is also the Director of the California Smart Grid Center.

Daniel Chacon

*** Originally Aired March 22, 2015***

Daniel talks with Philip Connors, whose latest memoir, "All The Wrong Places: A Life Lost and Found," tackles the aftermath of the 1996 suicide of Philip's brother.  As is evident by the notebooks in the picture, Philip wrote his way through the experience.  He explains how, as a suicide survivor, he felt like an "other," and actively sought to put himself in situations in which he was an outsider...all the wrong places, so to speak.  He finally found the right place in the Gila Wilderness, where he is a fire lookout.  http://www.philipconnors.com/

Rebroadcast June 18, 2017