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The Artspace El Paso Lofts in downtown El Paso are almost finished, and in the interest of recruiting artist tenants, Artspace has been holding a series of informational sessions througout the city. Here to tell us more about the building and project timeline, life in the lofts and how you can become a tenant are Sarah White and Joe Butler from Artspace. 

  Leaf miners are eating away at elm tree leaves...bores are munching into the barks of stressed trees...how can we control these tiny destroyers?  White flies and spider mites are also prevalent in our hot, dry weather.  Also, if you have recent transplants, should you water them more or less than your established plants?

Aired July 23, 2016

  Guest host Felipa Solis welcomes frequent contributor Kyle Alvarado to talk about some of the films out in theatres right now.  They share their thoughts on "The Secret Life of Pets," "Ghostbusters," and a few shows available for streaming, like "Stranger Things" starring Winona Ryder on Netflix.

Aired July 23, 2016

High school students in the El Paso ISD have an opportunity to learn Arabic or Portuguese in a unique language immersion program offered by STARTALK at the University of Texas at El Paso. On this program we'll visit with Instructional Coordinator Fatima Masoud who will tell us about this free 3-week program taking place August 1-19.

Aired July 22, 2016

UC Davis


  *Originally aired Nov 11, 2012*

Keith & Russ talk with geophysicist Kenneth Verosub, Distinguished Professor of Geology at the University of California at Davis.  Verosub talks about the tens-of-thousands of years it takes for the Earth’s magnetic poles to reverse, and he also discusses ways that countries might resolve water issues when a major water system is shared internationally, such as the Rio Grande along the US/Mexico Border, or the Jordan River or the Tigris/Euphrates in the Middle East.

Aired July 17, 2016.

  On the next KTEP Book Club on Perspectives, we'll visit with J. Ryan Stradal, whose acclaimed novel KITCHENS OF THE GREAT MIDWEST tells the touching and hilarious story of Eva Thorvald’s triumph over a difficult childhood to become the woman with a once-in-a-generation palate behind the most sought-after dinner reservation in the country.

Told in chapters—one for each of the most influential ingredients in her life—KITCHENS OF THE GREAT MIDWEST weaves together the perspectives of eight people in Eva Thorvald’s orbit with the bake-offs, eating contests and potluck dinners that shaped her story of pain, spirit, and resilience. 


Aired July 17, 2016


**Rebroadcast from May 18, 2014**

 Host Daniel Chacón talks with Shirley Reva Vernick, author of the YA novel, "Remember Dippy."  Shirley started out as a print journalist and later made the move to fiction writer.  She talks about how she connects with a teenage brain to tell a relatable story.  "Remember Dippy" is published by El Paso's own Cinco Puntos Press, and Shirley, who is based out of New England, talks about why she felt at home with Cinco Puntos.  Aside from being a writer, she also runs the popular storytelling website, http://storybee.org/.  Learn more about Shirley and her work at http://shirleyvernick.wordpress.com/.

Aired July 17, 2016


  *Rebroadcast from May 18, 2014*

Sam Calvin Brown, a bilingual MFA student at UTEP in Creative Writing, reads today's Poem of the Week:  "The Lake Isle of Innisfree" by William Butler Yeats.

Aired July 17, 2016

  *rebroadcast from May 18, 2014*

In this week's Poetic License, Emily Yoon, an MFA Poetry student at New York University, explains why poetry is like a hand, reaching out to its reader.  Emily is the host of the podcast "Late Night New York"  http://latenightlibrary.org/category/podcasts-2/late-night-new-york/, a short-form podcast featuring a diverse array of talented authors reading at the Franklin Park Reading Series in Crown Heights Brooklyn.

Aired July 17, 2016

   *Rebroadcast from May 18, 2014* 

Host Daniel Chacón reflects on the loss of our sense of fascination upon reaching adulthood, and why writers must try to connect with their inner child to spark the imagination.

Aired July 17, 2016

  GOSPEL MUSIC is uplifting and food for the soul. The Associates Entertainment Group is using gospel music to not just uplift the masses, but as a way to reach out to soldiers who need to connect with a message upon returning from service. 

On the next episode of THE WEEKEND, we'll visit with Robert Bolden and Linda Thomas, who will tell us about THE GOSPEL MIX, an exciting event that invites anyone who's inspired to share their gospel talent ministry of song, dance and music with an audience.

The Gospel Mix will take place Sept 4, 3-7pm, a the Hilton Garden Inn at 6650 Gateway East.  Admission is $15, or $10 + 3 canned goods.  Call Associates Entertainment Group at 972-302-6253, or visit http://associatesentertainmentgroup.com/

Aired July 16, 2016

  Dr. Richard McCallum is a gastroenterologist at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Paul L. Foster School of Medicine.  We know him as "The Tummy Doctor" on KTEP.  Dr. McCallum  talks matter-of-factly about mosquito-borne illnesses, diseases encountered by inmate populations, diet fads, and why you HAVE to have that colonscopy!

Aired July 16, 2016

The Barbed Wire Open Mic will feature Donna Snyder in its monthly reading series on Saturday, July 30, 2016 at 8:00 pm. At the Rock House Café and Gallery. Snyder will read from her new book, The Tongue Has Its Secrets, a collection of poetry recently published by NeoPoiesis Press.  Donna Snyder tells us about her book and the upcoming reading.

Artist Zeke Pena is working on Bravo/Grande, an interdisciplinary project that examines the relationship between regional communities and the river with creative practice and site-responsive art projects. Through community engagement and collaboration the project studies generational and binational trends in access, use and perception by documenting oral and written stories from the community. Bravo/Grande also explores the effect of immigration policy, increased militarization and U.S./MX relations on these trends. 


  Unrelenting triple digit heat is crisping up our plants...but are you overcompensating by watering your plants too much? On this program, we'll find out how much you REALLY need to water in these hot conditions.

Here's a link to a fantastic resource on how much we should be watering: http://wateruseitwisely.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Landscape-Watering-Guide.pdf

Aired July 16, 2016

  The Plaza Classic Film Festival returns to downtown El Paso August 4-14, and get a preview from Doug Pullen, Program Director at the El Paso Community Foundation and programmer of the Plaza Classic Film Festival.  The original Star Wars trilogy will likely be the most popular offerings, but the festival will also include little-known classics like 1960's "Primary" and 1944's "The Uninvited," to crowd faves like "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."   The festival will also feature concerts, live accompaniment to silent films, and appearances by very special guests.


Aired July 16, 2016

  Wellness isn't just about physical health. The UTEP Wellness Program offers programs that also cover mental and spiritual health. On this program, we'll hear from Florina Barnett and Eileen Aguilar, who'll tell us about the various programs available to university staff, faculty, students, and retirees ... including a Health Fair taking place at the UTEP Centennial Plaza on July 20 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Aired July 15, 2016

  The EL PASO STREETCAR PROJECT has downtown traffic down to a crawl, but when the project is finally complete in 2018, 6 streetcars will traverse 4.8 miles and take commuters and visitors to & from downtown international bridges, retail areas, government buildings, the convention center and the downtown ballpark with the medical center, the University of Texas at El Paso and several historic neighborhoods.  Raymond Telles of the Camino Real Regional Mobility Project will tell us more about what we can expect now and in the future. 


Aired July 9, 2016

  In 2013, embedded combat photographer, documentation and production specialist, ROBERT CUNNINGHAM, and New York Times best-selling author, Steven Hartov, joined forces to devise a lasting tribute to our American service members serving in Afghanistan. Selecting from more than 55,000 photographs taken by Cunningham, and utilizing Hartov’s own experience in Afghanistan and narrative expertise, they created AFGHANISTAN: ON THE BOUNCE. The book conveys the full range of our troops’ experiences—from deployment through combat, down-time and honoring fallen comrades.


Aired July 10, 2016

  JOURNALISM IN JULY is a program at UTEP entering its 14th year. Participating students will learn best practices in journalism and will receive mentorship while producing a web-based newspaper. On this program, Angel Cancino, program coordinator for Journalism in July, and Zita Arocha, director of Borderzine, will join us to tell us what students can expect to learn this year.

Aired July 8, 2016

  Joyce Wilson is the President & CEO of the Workforce Solutions Borderplex, a nonprofit organization that serves 6 counties across the state of Texas, including El Paso.  Wilson tells us about the important services the Workforce Solutions Borderplex provides to local employers and to the workforce.  If you are a job seeker, a veteran, a student or an employer, you can learn more at http://www.borderplexjobs.com/.    A hiring event will be taking place July 12 at the Convention Center, in partnership with the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce. For information, visit www.elpaso.org, or call Julie Russell at 202-360-0471.

Aired July 9, 2016

  Hormel Foods is being sued for their "Natural Choice" brand of lunch meat.  "Natural" and "all-natural" are labels that are often imply the lack of additives, hormones, antibiotics, and sustainable practices.  Undercover video has revealed inhumane practices at the factory farm that provides Hormel Foods with their meat.  Read more at http://aldf.org/press-room/press-releases/hormel-sued-for-deceptive-misleading-advertising-of-so-called-natural-products/

Meat taxes are being recommended by a U.N. panel in order to reduce the widespread environmentally-harmful effects of the production of red meat.  China has already recommended a reduction in meat consumption, and Denmark is also proposing a tax on red meat.  Read more in this story from the Star-Telegram http://www.star-telegram.com/news/nation-world/world/article87172062.html

Aired July 10, 2016

Hal Marcus

  Local artist Hal Marcus joins us to talk about how a plant-based diet and a compassionate lifestyle has positively affected his life and art.  He believes that spreading the word about the health and spiritual benefits of a plant-based diet will eventually change the world.  Hal is not only walking the walk, but talking the talk - he is the Second Vice President of the Vegetarian Society of El Paso (VSEP), and he and his wife are paying $10 of the $20 yearly VSEP membership fee for every new member who mentions this program.

Information: http://vsep.org/.

View Hal's art at http://www.halmarcus.com/

Aired July 10, 2016

University of Michigan



  *Rebroadcast from Nov 4, 2012*

Keith & Russ talk with Terry Robinson, professor of Psychology & Neuroscience, Department of Psychology,  University of Michigan.  Robinson talks about the long-term effects on the brain of exposure to addictive psychostimulants. 

Aired July 10, 2016.


  *Rebroadcast from Nov 16, 2014*

   Daniel talks with his friend, author Dimitri Keriotis.  Dimitri is the author of the new story collection, "The Quiet Time."  The book is Dimitri's first, and he discusses how his travels around the globe, and especially Central Africa, inspired the stories in the collection.  http://dimitrikeriotis.com/

Aired July 10. 2016


*Rebroadcast from Nov 16, 2014*

Today's Poetic License is presented by writer and retired El Paso teacher, Azucena Dominguez.  She reflects on her first kiss, which turned out to be quite painful!

Aired July 10, 2016

  *Rebroadcast from Nov 16, 2014*

Host Daniel Chacón has something to say about healthy eating, and how hard it is to eat healthy if you grew up in a Mexican household.

Aired July 10, 2016

Board Vice-President, Mary Jo Melby; Board Member and Historian, Prince McKenzie; and artist, Dorian Clouser discuss the past, present and future of the El Paso International Museum of Art. 

Part 2 of our interview with Board Vice-President, Mary Jo Melby; Board Member and Historian, Prince McKenzie; and artist, Dorian Clouser from the El Paso International Museum of Art. 

  Do you have fond memories of waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons? Do you STILL enjoy watching animated programs? Many of today's animated shows are created just for grown ups. On the next ON FILM, we'll visit with James Fino of Starburns Industries, which is involved with the popular HBO animated show "Animals." http://www.hbo.com/animals

Fino is also involved with 2 other creative animated projects: one is based on fantasy game play by Dan Harmon (http://www.starburnsindustries.com/tag/harmonquest/), and the other, "Party Legends," features animated takes on the party stories of infamous celebrities (https://www.viceland.com/en_us/show/party-legends)

Aired July 9, 2016