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  With El Paso sweltering in triple-digit heat, we need to protect our turf, trees, and container plants from heat stress. On his program, we'll talk about the importance of watering deeply to help our plants make it through June!

Aired June 18, 2016

  Two very different movies open in theatres recently - the big budget fantasy flick that was WARCRAFT, and the old-school scary film THE CONJURING 2. Are they worth your time and money? Find out on this program as host Charles Horak and guest Kyle Alvarado offer their expert opinions.

Aired June 18, 2016

Allan J. Jacobson Group

  **re-broadcast from Jan. 20, 2013**

Keith & Russ talk with Allan J. Jacobson, Professor of Chemistry, and Director of the Texas Center for Superconductivity, at the University of Houston.  Jacobson briefly explains the nature of superconductivity - when certain materials are cooled below a certain temperature, they lose all resistance to electricity, they repel magnetic fields, and become perfect conductors of electricity.  Though it's not fully understood how these superconducting materials work, the Texas Center for Superconductivity is looking into ways to get materials to become superconductive at higher temperatures.  http://tcsuh.com/

Aired June 19, 2016.


  Host Daniel Chacón talks about the ways we infuse metaphor into images or language.  He uses as an example the metaphorical possibilities of the image of a flower growing in cracked concrete.  Often, metaphor is often imposed on images and words when it isn't necessarily implied by the author.

Aired June 19, 2016

  Keith Leonard is a visiting lecturer in Creative Writing at Indiana University.  He grew up in Martha's Vineyard, where the town's isolation, in stark contrast with the booming tourist season, later inspired his words.  His debut collection is called "Ramshackle Ode."  Leonard's odes are a means to work through difficulty to reach a measure of joy.  

For our Poem of the Week, Keith Leonard reads "In the Headwinds of a Fable" from Ramshackle Ode.

*this is an online-only extended version of the interview that aired on KTEP*

Aired June 19, 2016

The MUSTARD SEED CAFE began with "a grain of faith the size of a mustard seed," according to Executive Director Christi Brown.  This nonprofit pay-what-you-can cafe allows for people of all walks of life to eat a delicious meal...whether you are an impoverished student or single parent who can only pay $2, or a local professional who can pay it forward by offering more than the suggested price.  Christi Brown joins us to explain why the café thrives on donations of food and money, and on community partnerships.  The Mustard Seed Café is located at 1140 N. Saint Vrain, and is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11am-2pm. 

If you like Country-Western bars you’ll want to check out Boots.  This play features a more or less friendly bunch of characters the likes of which you’re no doubt familiar.  Sure, there’s drinkin’, after all, it’s a bar, but by and large things are fine until greed steps in and threatens to break up our happy patrons and wipe out the bar.   If you enjoy a puzzle you’ll like the twists and turns of this story.  Here to give us the lowdown on Boots, are playwrights Stephanie Karr and Mark Watts.

The Film Salon is a monthly screening series devoted to the celebration of classic and important films. The Film Salon has found a new home at the Alamo Drafthouse. Charles Horak has cultivated a discerning audience of cinephiles and those looking to expand their awareness of cinema history.  Horak will continue to curate The Film Salon’s programs and provide commentary before and after each film.  Here to tell us about the move and how you can get tickets to the next show is Charles Horak.

The Dream Act is controversial in many circles as it would pave the way to residency and citizenship for many undocumented immigrants in the U.S.  One local filmmaker has decided to share his experiences in the feature-length production, El Sueño.  Humberto Castro, acts in and co-produced the film with director Brian Thompson.  Humberto & Brian are also joined by actress Diajesma Orozco to talk about this story about 2 young undocumented young adults struggling to find the American Dream.  The film has received screenings in El Paso and Miami, and will screen in Washington D.C. in July.



The latest news in animal rights and plant-based diets:

Mercy for Animals recently posted amateur video documenting cases of cruelty at a Tyson Foods plant in Tennessee.   The poultry industry has been encouraged by many animal rights groups to change they way they process & breed the 8 billion chickens we consume in the U.S.  Read more and view the video here:  http://www.mercyforanimals.org/

Santa Cruz Biotechnology must pay a $3.5 million penalty for animal welfare violations.  They were sued under California's new animal cruelty law and unfair competition law.    The facility can no longer use animals covered by the Animal Welfare Act in their research.  Read more here:  http://aldf.org/press-room/press-releases/cost-of-animal-cruelty-skyrockets-animal-research-facility-to-pay-unprecedented-3-5-million-penalty-over-animal-welfare-violations/

The Center for Biological Diversity has created Extinction Food Labels to mirror the nutritional facts labels on many food items.  The labels reveal the REAL cost of what we eat, including the costs of carbon emissions, habitat loss, and water pollution.  Learn more at http://extinctionfacts.org

Aired June 12, 2016

  Lauren Ng is an ordained minister and a vegan recipe blogger.  Her path to veganism began while studying at seminary.  She shares with us why her Christian values and her compassionate diet go hand in hand, and why we should have compassion for all creatures on the earth.  Check out Lauren's food blog, One Happy Table at http://www.onehappytable.com, and read her post "The Church Potluck, Reimagined" at http://www.ourhenhouse.org/2014/07/the-church-potluck-reimagined/ .

Aired June 12, 2016.

  Host Tim Z. Hernandez praises guest Ire'ne Lara Silva, and relates her use of words to the Mexican curandera María Sabina, who believed in the power of introspective, sacred words to eradicate illness.

Aired June 12, 2016

  Ire'ne Lara Silva is the author of the poetry collection "Blood Sugar Canto," which uses words to help face the fears about diabetes and to offer hope and healing to fellow sufferers.  Silva insists that our bodies are not just physical machines, but they must be holistically healed in order to thrive.  

For our Poem of the Week, Ire'ne Lara Silva will read "Grace," which is a moving portrait of a foot exam.


Aired June 12, 2016

CASTNER RANGE has a rich military history. Fort Bliss acquired the land and used it as a firing range. But leftover unexploded ordinance has left much of the land off limits to the public. The 7000+ acres that make up Castner Range has roads, trails, ancient rock art and natural beauty that has led many community members and organizations to push to designate Castner Range as a National Monument. To tell us more about this initiative are Scott Cutler and Richard Teschner with the Castner Range National Monument Initiative.  

Commuters traveling to and from West El Paso have already encountered lots of construction. On this program, we'll meet with Noemi Rojas from the GO 10 Project, Mandra Ryan of the Border West Expressway, and Jennifer Wright from the Texas Department of Transportation. They'll explain what all the orange barrels are there for, and offer some tips on making your commute a little less stressful.   They also warn that it’s going to get worse before it gets better…but it will be worth the wait!

Rodri Rodriguez CEO and Founder of Rodri Entertainment, a Los Angeles international entertainment production company, is the featured luncheon speaker for the Wise Latina International Summit 2016. This year’s summit,“Tapestry of Evolution: Strength, Power & Influence, will focus on economic empowerment and building wealth through this year’s theme “Redefining the Meaning of Wealth.”  

Papaya Riot is an indie pop rock that composes original music. Named Best Band of El Paso in 2015 by the City Magazine, Papaya Riot is comprised of Moni Alvarado, Jennie Lucero, Estefania Robles-Conde and Bea Cruz. 

  What do paletas and voting have in common? Amanda Formica and Ruben Chang of Paleta Power will join us to talk about their short film, now in production, that aims to engage the community to exercise their right to vote. Paleta Power has been showing up at community events asking the public to vote for their favorite popsicle flavor and gauge their interest in community events. Through their film, Amanda & Ruben hope to get the public excited about voting and connect with the issues.

Ro Long and Jon Castillo of the Meeple Board Game Society join us to talk about the upcoming Boarder City Game Convention which will feature table top gaming, open gaming with over 100 games, tournaments, live improve comedy shows, panels, and much more.  The Convention is July 29-31 at UTEP Union East.  A fundraiser for the convention is June 18, 8am-8pm, at the UTEP Tomás Rivera Conference Center, and features pickup games, Boss Monster tournaments, and more.   



  **Re-broadcast from June 19, 2011**

Dr. Bruce Johnstone is Professor Emeritus at the University of Buffalo and was named SUNY Chancellor Emeritus in 2014.  In this 2011 interview, we'll hear Johnstone talk about the challenges facing higher education, including the increasing costs of a higher education and the job shortages facing college graduates.  How can universities survive the current economy and state budget cuts?

Aired June 5, 2016

  Thomas Lux is an acclaimed poet and educator whose latest collection is "To the Left of Time." Lux has been the Poet in Residence at Emerson College from 1972-75, he has taught at the Universities of Iowa, Michigan, and California at Irvin. Lux has also received 3 NEA grants and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Lux joins us on this to talk about his decades-long career, the accessibility of poetry, and his use metaphor.Lux will also read a selection from his latest collection, Cow Chases Boys. Aired June 5, 2016

  Host Daniel Chacón welcomes local kindergarten teacher Jolène M. Espinoza and her daughter, 2nd grader Eliyah Lara  Jolène talks about how she engages her young students in reading, and how the books that she read as a young girl are being used in her classroom today.  Eliyah will also talk about some of her favorite reads.

Aired June 5, 2016

  Local 2nd grader, Eliyah Lara, shares with us an excerpt from her favorite Dr. Seuss book, There's a Wocket in My Pocket!

Aired June 5, 2016

  Your local public library isn't just a place to check out your favorite books.  Library branches hold GED classes, family story time. film screenings, and Career Online High School courses.

Joining us on this program are Margaret Neill, Mark Pumphrey, interim co-directors of the El Paso Public Library, and Jack Galindo, Marketing and Customer Relations Coordinator, to tell us more about what your local library can offer you!  http://www.elpasolibrary.org/

The University of Texas at El Paso is implementing a strategic plan for the future, and on this program we'll hear all about it with Donna Ekal, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies at UTEP. The university is inviting the UTEP community and members of the public to offer their opinions on how UTEP can improve.

Eric Pearson, President and CEO of the El Paso Community Foundation and Keith Townsend, Director of the El Paso Community College Theater and Forensics program discuss the revitalization of local outdoor musical extravaganza, Viva El Paso.

Guitarist extraordinaire and Recording Engineer, Buddy Winston and noted visual artist, Pat Olchefski-Winston announce the grand opening of their joint venture, Star City Studio.  

  Spiders, bees, and wasps...oh my!  Don't reach for that bug spray just yet because some of these critters might be beneficial to the plants in your landscape.  On this program, we'll offer some tips on how to help identify these critters, and how to preserve a specimen for professional identification.  Some helpful links are also available for bug ID:  https://www.facebook.com/ElPasoBugs?fref=nf and http://citybugs.tamu.edu/.

Aired June 4, 2016


  Summer films are off to their traditional superhero start. X-MEN APOCALYPSE opened big, but didn't satisfy. THE NICE GUYS stars a couple of Hollywood heavyweights, and delivers a more satisfactory movie-going experience. But the best movie of the summer so far only played in El Paso for a week - A BIGGER SPLASH.
On this program, host Charles Horak and Jeanne Creel offer their thoughts on these releases.

Aired June 4, 2016

  Westside commuters have experienced lots of delays due to the GO 10 construction project, which aims to eventually improve traffic flow, vehicle capacity, and safety along the I-10 corridor between North Mesa Street and Executive Center Boulevard. Joining us on the next episode of THE WEEKEND will be Bob Bielek, El Paso District Engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation...Blanca Del Valle, Public Information Officer for the Texas Department of Transportation...and Noemi Rojas,