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  The latest news from the animal rights community:

Wild Earth Guardians reports on a federal court's decision to reject Wildlife Services' plans to escalate wolf killings in the state of Washington.  Read the report here: http://www.wildearthguardians.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=12261&news_iv_ctrl=1194#.VnrAJfkrK70

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has released their 10th annual Year End Report on how states rank when it comes to animal protection laws.  Read the report here: http://aldf.org/press-room/press-releases/2015-report-released-best-worst-animal-protection-laws-by-state-ranked-1-50/

Scientists in China have discovered a mutation in bacteria that makes them practically entirely resistant to even the most potent antibiotics.  Read this report from DW.com: http://www.dw.com/en/scientists-discover-new-antibiotic-resistant-gene-mcr-1-in-china/a-18861469

Aired Dec. 27, 2015

  Robin Lamont is an actress with a decades-long career, who found time to act as an investigator into animal rights abuses, and later became an Assistant District Attorney who prosecuted those who committed such crimes.   She used the knowledge she gained throughout her experiences to write the successful series of novels known as the Kinship Series.  The first book, The Chain, focused on investigators looking into abuse on factory farms.  Her latest book, The Trap, takes her fictional investigators into the wild, where the federal agency known as Wildlife Services is indescriminately killing millions of coyotes, bears, wolves, and birds.  She talks about the inspiration behind her books and the shocking information she discovered about Wildlife Services while she was researching the subject.  http://www.thekinshipseries.com/

Aired Dec. 27, 2015

University of Arizona

  Gregg Garfin is an associate professor in climate, natural resources and policy in the University of Arizona’s School of Natural Resources and the Environment.  He joins us to tell us about the projections for a significantly warmer climate in the Southwestern United States in the next century.  He also explains why a monsoon doesn’t necessarily have to do with precipitation, and how an especially strong El Niño weather system can actually affect the Earth’s rotation.

Aired Dec. 27, 2015

  Christopher David Rosales is a fiction writer whose debut novel SILENCE THE BIRD, SILENCE THE KEEPER is set in a part of Los Angeles that isn't on any tourist pamphlets. Rosales aims to prove with this book that civil strife and urban warfare is REAL warfare...as real as the wars we fight overseas. http://www.christopherrosales.com/

Aired Dec. 27, 2015

  Saul Hernandez is a graduate student earning an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Texas at El Paso.  He is a transplant from San Antonio, and he joins us to tell us about why he chose UTEP to further his education, and to share the original poem, "Tortillas."

Aired Dec. 27, 2015

With everyone home for the holidays, we thought we’d provide you with a little guide of places to visit. Here to provide us with a list of things to do and see in El Paso during the holidays is Kimber McCarden from Visit El Paso.

Carambola Community Music celebrates people of all ages and walks of life creating, learning, and experiencing together. They are dedicated to preserving and growing the living tradition of Mexican folk music, song, dance, and visual art along the US/Mexico border. 


  Master Gardener Jan Petrzelka joins hosts Denise Rodriguez and Norma Martinez to offer hints on what a gardener can buy with holiday gift cards - get new gardening tools and clearance plants!  Plus, they also remind us to occasionally water our trees, shrubs, and turf to ensure hearty spring re-growth...and they also present some helpful suggestions on what to do with the newspaper, bubble wrap, and foam popcorn packaging filler that came in our Christmas gift packages.

Aired Dec. 26, 2015

  The holidays leave us with time to take in a few movies. Host Charles Horak welcomes Kyle Alvarado into the studio to give their opinion on whether David O. Russell's "Joy," starring Jennifer Lawrence, or Quentin Tarantino's "Hateful Eight" are worth your time or money. 

Aired Dec. 26, 2015

Estela Reyes is the Director of Communications for Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe, and she joins us to tell us about the 24th Navidad de La Fe Luminarias Event on Dec. 19 along El Paso’s Scenic Drive.  She takes us behind-the-scenes to tell us about the hard work La Fe staffers put into making this event possible every year.  She also explains why this event exemplifies the true meaning of Christmas by emphasizing the importance of family & friends, and helping the less fortunate in our community with monetary and nonperishable food contributions.

Larry Lesser, CETaL Director and Mathematical Sciences Department professor, joins us to discuss and play his new song “What We Carry Now”, inspired by current dialogue on gun violence and campus concealed carry, and debuted at the UTEP Social Justice Initiative’s most recent “Just Story Hour” event. 


  Brian Zoltowski is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Southern Methodist University.  On this program he talks about his interest in circadian rhythms, the natural 24-hour "clock" that governs biological processes in organisms as vast as plants, insects, and humans.  Zoltowski joins us to discuss how circadian rhythms are driven by light - photochemistry - and how even with an absence of light, organisms can still work on a 24-hour system.

Aired Dec. 20, 2015

  Urayoán Noel is the author of Buzzing Hemisphere / Rumor Hemisférico, a collection of bilingual poems that experiment with eccentric self-translation. Urayoán composed many of these poems on electronic devices, and used apps and tools to rework them into unique works of art. For our Poem of the Week, Urayoán Noel reads one of his performative sonnets in Spanish and English.http://urayoannoel.com/  Aired Dec. 20, 2015

You are invited to join The Caldo Collective for a guided art walk through the Kern Place Neighborhood. Stand With Me is a free public art exhibition brought to you by the artists at Caldo, Xochitl Rodriguez, Randy Maguire, Angie Reza Tures, Marvin Hill, Laura Corral, Michelle Pacillas, Ross Fleming and YOU! It all happens tonight beginning at 5pm at Madeline Park.

Audio Pending...

The holidays are here and finding a gift for the art lover in your family isn’t always at simple as it sounds. Here to provide you with some great ideas are artist Wayne Hilton, Norma Geller from the El Paso Museum of Art’s gift shop and Valeria Venecia of the Downtown Artist and Farmers Market. 



   Brent Pearson is an ISA certified Arborist, and he joins us to tell us about the Living Christmas Tree program he is offering to El Pasoans.  Brent will personally check your spacing needs and deliver the perfect Mondale pine to your home.  Delivery and pickup are included with the $120 fee.  The trees are 6-8 feet tall, and if you wish to have Brent plant it in your landscape, he can do so for an additional $50 fee.  If you wish to return it, Brent will take it back so it can be reused and enjoyed by others.  

Information: Brent Pearson 915-588-1562, email pearsontrees@gmail.com.

Aired Dec 19, 2015


  The Critics Choice Movie Awards, taking place Jan. 17 in Hollywood, are historically predictive of which films and actors will take the Oscars. The Critics Choice nominations were released earlier this week, and Broadcast Film Critics Association member FELIPA SOLIS joins us on the next ON FILM to talk about what films deserved the nominations, and which movies and actors were overlooked. Tune in to the Critics Choice Awards on Sunday, January 17, at 6 p.m. on A&E, Lifetime, and LMN networks.http://www.criticschoice.com/ Aired Sat. Dec. 19, 2015

PROGRESS 321 is a local organization that aims to enable young professionals in El Paso age 40 and younger to improve the region's economy and quality of life.  Scott Adkins and Michael Guerra join us to talk about this exciting new organization. 

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is a timeless tale of greed and eventual redemption. The UTEP Department of Theatre & Dance will present their annual production of A CHRISTMAS CAROL next week. John Robledo and Katherine Daniel join us to tell us more about the show and the roles they will play in the production. 

The Dodo, Facebook

  The latest in animal rights and vegetarian/vegan news:

The Dodo reports on 2 youngsters on a hunting trip who ended up befriending the deer they were supposed to shoot.  Read the full article at https://www.thedodo.com/kids-hunting-befriend-deer-1492464317.html

The Food & Drug Administration has confirmed that arsenic found in certain kinds of chicken feed ends up in the chicken products that consumers purchase at grocery stores.  Read the full FDA report at http://www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/SafetyHealth/ProductSafetyInformation/ucm258313.htm, and a report from MSN at http://www.msn.com/en-ca/foodanddrink/foodnews/finally-the-fda-admits-that-nearly-over-70percent-of-us-chickens-contain-cancer-causing-arsenic/ar-AA8cWca.

One Green Planet reports on Wildlife Services' campaign to remove wild horses from cattle ranches and dairy farms.  Many of the wild horses that are put up for adoption by the Bureau of Land Management are sadly sold to slaughterhouses.  Read the full story at http://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/protected-wild-horses-sent-to-slaughter-after-government-oversight/.

Aired Dec 13, 2015

  Vegan executive chef JASON WYRICK was a vegetarian in his youth, but unhealthy eating options resulted in leaving him 100 pounds overweight and diabetic. With a vegan diet and exercise, Jason lost the weight and developed a love for vegan cooking. He trained in culinary school, and became the first vegan culinary instructor in the world-famous Le Cordon Bleu program.

Aired Dec 13, 2015

  Ryan Davison is the Manager of Advocacy at the American Chemical Society (ACS).  In certain circles, he could be considered a lobbyist.  Davison advocates in Washington, D.C., for more basic, fundamental scientific research.  The ACS is the world's largest scientific society, and much of the research done by many scientists can take years...often too long a period of time for many members of Congress to consider worth investing in.

Aired Dec. 13, 2015

University of Texas at El Paso, R. Gerald

  Inspired by Norma Cantu's book "Transcendental Trainyard," Words on a Wire hosts Daniel Chacon and Tim Hernandez reflect on train memories from their childhood.

Aired Dec. 13, 2015

  Norma Cantú is a poet and a professor of English at the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Her latest collaboration, which she calls a "collaborative suite," is a collection of poems and art by Marta Sánchez.  Norma talks about the evocative nature of trains, and how the poetry and artwork came together almost synchronously.  

For our Poem of the Week, Norma reads the first 2 poems in the collection.

Aired Dec 13, 2015

UTEP Professor Anne Giangulio and her Graphic Design 4 students are collaborating with Dr. Ted Curry, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Daniel Carey-Whalen of Museum Studies to design an exhibit in Prospect Hall on the UTEP campus to better showcase the results of Dr. Curry's study Why do Immigrant Neighborhoods Have Low Crime Rates?

El Paso Opera is back with their 22nd season, featuring 'Tis the Season for Opera, El Paso Opera's inaugural holiday concert that will be performed on Friday, December 18th at 7:30 pm at the Abraham Chavez Theatre. 

  Master Gardener Jan Petrzelka joins us to talk about caring for cut Christmas trees and live Christmas trees.  Cut trees have no root system and should be recycled to mulch after the holiday season.  Live trees can be replanted into your landscape.

Plus, find out more about cutting your own Christmas tree in the nearby Lincoln National Forest here: http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/lincoln/home/?cid=stelprdb5336243.  Permits are $5 and are available through Dec. 24.

Aired Dec. 12, 2015

  David Salcido co-founded BORDERLANDS MEDIA, which is a group that aims to offer local independent filmmakers services such as quality control, aggressive marketing, and assistance in distribution. Borderlands Media is currently accepting short films to be packaged into a future feature-length anthology on the theme The Sins of Man.

Aired Dec 12, 2015

Guest host Richard Dayoub, President & CEO of the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce, welcomes Jose Contreras, Vice President for International Relations for CANACO (Camara Nacional de Comercio, Servicio y Turismo), which is itself a chamber of commerce for Ciudad Juarez.  Richard and Jose discuss the unbreakable bond between El Paso and Cd. Juarez, and why stricter borders would only negatively affect both countries.  Plus, they talk about possible future collaborations between both Chambers, and ways Cd. Juarez is enticing visitors to come back to the city.  

UTEP's Military Student Success Center has been ranked #20 in the Military Times' 2016 "Best for Vets" in the nation!  To tell us more about this center which aids veterans and their dependents attending UTEP, will be the center's director Nadia Muñoz and assistant director Clarence Court (pictured).