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Chalk The Block has quickly become one of El Paso’s premiere events. It is also the largest free three-day public arts festival in the Southwest region that draws over 32,000 people annually.

In 2015, Chalk The Block is celebrating 8 years of reimagining downtown El Paso through the power of art while providing an “out of this world” experience for its attendees. Ben Fyffe from the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department provides the details.

Aired October 3, 2015

  John White, garden curator of the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens on the UTEP campus, joins us to tell us about the upcoming Sun Country Landscape Conference.  The conference, which aims to increase awareness & education about trees in El Paso, will feature a Spanish-language tree maintenance workshop for area gardeners & landscapers on Nov. 19...a session for industry professionals such as architects & planners on Nov. 20...and a homeowner session open to everyone on Nov. 21.  Early registration is encouraged by Oct. 31.

Learn more at http://www.wtufc.org/ and connect with the West Texas Urban Forestry Council on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Los-Tree-Amigos-137968762928106/timeline/.

Aired Oct. 3, 2015

Host Dennis Woo welcomes Jessica Kludt and Jennifer Coulter, Texas Estate Planning and Elder Law attorneys with Townsend Allala & Associates.  They talk about the myths and facts of Medicare, including the differences between Medicare and Medicare Advantage.  They’ll also talk about the difference between Medicare and Medicaid.  And if you are a younger listener, Jessica & Jennifer explain why it’s crucial for you to enroll for health care under the Affordable Care Act.

JOIN US FOR JUSTICE is the El Paso Chapter of Americans United, and they will be hosting a talk by two women who challenged religious discrimination in the classroom.  The talk is September 26 on the UTEP campus, and Louie Saenz talks with David Marcus and Raul Amaya, who’ll tell us more details about the event and about the organization.

C Jonathan Troung, Center for Biological Diversity

    Hosts Greg Lawson, Liz Walsh, and Tom Linney share animal/vegan-related news:

The Animal Legal Defense Fund has released information documenting abuses towards chickens and workers at a Tyson Foods chicken slaughter plant.   http://aldf.org/about-us/programs/undercover-investigations-program/tyson-cruelty/

Another incident of animal abuse has been documented at a Tennessee chicken farm.  The undercover video was released by Mercy for Animals http://www.mercyforanimals.org/.  The chickens at the farm were used for chicken McNuggets at McDonald's restaurants.

Endangered jaguars in New Mexico are finding their designated habitat threatened by ranching interests.  http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/

Aired Sept 27, 2015.



   Cardiologist Heather Shenkman has personally seen the harm that a meat-based diet can cause to the human body: clogged arteries, heart disease, high blood pressure.  Hosts Greg, Liz and Tom talk with Dr. Shenkman as she shares her path to veganism with us, and talks about her experiences as an Ironman triathlete.

Follow Heather Shekman online http://veganheartdoc.blogspot.com/

Aired Sept. 27, 2015.

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is coming to El Paso and it’s Programming Director Robert Saucedo is looking for people interested in embarking on an apprenticeship designed to train future cinema programmers. 

From working in the kitchens of chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, Michel Richard and Paul Qui, Chef Matthew Herrera returns home to bring his knowledge and passion for food to Tabla. Chef Herrera is also the driving force behind Tabla’s Sol Series tasting menu that incorporates native ingredients to provide a culinary experience of the past, present and future of food on the borderland. 

  Trees are one of our biggest investments in our landscape.  When's the best time to plant them?  Which tree will grow best in your part of town?  Should you buy a staked tree?  We'll answer all these questions and more with John White, garden curator of the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens at UTEP.

Aired Sept 26, 2015.

 In a rebroadcast from Aug. 16, 2014, Charles talks with Ben & David Stanton, El Paso natives and Los Angeles residents who make a living writing music for movies, TV, and video games.  They talk about the unique challenges and freedoms that come with composing for games.  Learn more about Ben & David at http://www.thebrothersstanton.com/

Aired Sept. 26, 2015.

Texas AgriLife Extension

  Earth-Kind Roses demonstrate superior pest tolerance and outstanding landscape performance, and they're some of the best types of roses to plant in our region.  Now that we're getting ready for our fall bloom, Norma & Denise run down what you should look for if you're thinking of planting roses in your landscape.

Learn more about Earth-Kind Roses here: http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/earthkindroses/

Aired Sept 19, 2015.

JOHN LOTT is an American economist, political commentator, and gun rights advocate. He will be speaking at a breakfast on the UTEP campus on Saturday, September 26th at the Hilton Garden Inn. Lott speaks to host Louie Saenz about the implications of carrying concealed weapons on University of Texas campuses (including UTEP), and about the argument in favor of legally carrying concealed weapons.

Guest host Richard Dayoub, President & CEO of the El Paso Chamber of Commerce, talks with Xavier De La Torre, Superintendent of Ysleta Independent  School District. De La Torre gives us details on what the proposition covers, including reconstruction of Eastwood High School and Parkland Middle School, and new construction of 4 additional schools.  De La Torre explains that with the increase of Homestead Exemptions, the passage of the bond proposal would actually result in lower property taxes.

El Paso artist Gabriel Gaytan presents his freeway column mural called, “Zenith,” at Lincoln Park. Gaytan talks about the annual Lincoln Park Day celebration and also his inspiration for the mural.

The Whirling Dervishes from Turkey are inspired by Rumi, the13th century Sufi Master and poet whose message of love and service to humanity are relevant and needed in the world we live in today. This Sufi Music Concert and Live Show, performed only by the Whirling Dervishes, has come to symbolize these values in the hearts and minds of millions throughout the world.

The 2nd annual "Tomatoville, A Tasting For Tocando," will be held on Friday, September 25, 2015 at the home of Angel and Rosalia Beltran. “Tomatoville, a Tasting for Tocando,” is a Napa Valley-inspired event designed to delight the senses with simple but gourmet food choices, local wines, beer and live music in a rustic Upper Valley garden. Rosalia Beltran, host of this year’s Tomatoville event and Ruth Ellen Jacobson, Executive Director of the El Paso Symphony Orchestra provide the details. 

  Hosts Greg Lawson and Tom Linney talk with animal advocate, educator, and veterinarian Linda Bender, whose book ANIMAL WISDOM explores the spiritual lives of animals.  How do dogs find their way home after being lost hundreds of miles away?  How does your cat know you are coming home at a certain hour?  Do homing pigeons have an inner GPS that guides them home?  http://lindabender.org/

Aired Sept. 13, 2015

Hampton Creek Foods


  Tom Linney & Greg Lawson run down the top vegan and animal rights news:

Dog racing is coming to an end at Gulf Greyhound Park in La Marque, Texas.  These former racing greyhounds can be adopted through Greyhound Rescue Austin (http://www.greyhoundrescueaustin.com/) and the Texas Adopt a Greyhound Society (http://www.tagsintx.org/)

Research by Consumer Reports shows that a majority of ground beef found in our supermarkets contains fecal contamination (http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/food/how-safe-is-your-ground-beef)

The FDA is cracking down on Just Mayo for their so-called misleading labeling.  Just Mayo is a vegan, egg free mayonnaise. The FDA claims that Just Mayo is not a mayonnaise because it does not contain eggs.

Aired Sept 13, 2015

This fall, the El Paso Public Library Foundation, will host renowned authors in a special presentation to benefit the El Paso Public Library’s Teen Hangout Program. The Teen Hangout program seeks to engage teens in after-school activities that are educational and fun. This year’s Stories of El Paso event will be held on Thursday, October 1st, 2015 from 6 PM to 10 PM at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing. 

Every year, the American Institute of Architects El Paso chapter organizes a series of events to bring awareness about their profession to the community. They call  this series of events, archTOBER. They have plenty of activities going on during the entire month of October and to give us a preview, are architects Bruno Vasquez, Jim Booher, and Rene Melendez.

The UTEP Department of Theatre & Dance is kicking off a new season of stagecraft with the Austin Savage play THE FALL OF WALLACE WINTER. Louie Saenz talks with Ross Fleming, who wrote the music & lyrics with Nathan Stell-Smith. Fleming also directs the play, which takes place Sept 16-20 at the Fox Fine Arts Studio Theatre.

Dennis Woo welcomes Kathleen Bombach & Jaime Chavez, professors at El Paso Community College. EPCC will be hosting Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations that will feature a kickoff Sept 16 at the Rio Grande Campus…a Fall Fiesta with guest speakers and Chicano writers on Sept 23 at the Valle Verde campus…an event honoring area veterans on Oct 7 at the Transmountain Campus…and a Mentors Dinner honoring journalist Alfredo Corchado on Oct. 14 at the Academic Services Center on Viscount.  Most events are free. 

President and CEO of the El Paso Community Foundation, Eric Pearson, and Program Director for Impact: Programs of Excellence, Sally Gilbert preview “The New Discipline of Creativity” – their co-sponsored presentation of Sir Ken Robinson whose TED Talks on rethinking public education have received 300 million views in more than 150 countries. 

Part 2 of our interview with Eric Pearson and Sally Gilbert previewing the upcoming presentation of Sir Ken Robinson. 

Festival founder, Dr. Lucy Scarbrough is joined by long time Committee Member, Joyce Whiteside to preview the 21st El Paso Chopin Music Festival featuring three of the world’s finest pianists performing the music of Frederic Chopin. 

Salvador Vitanza, Facebook El Paso Bugs

  Norma & Denise talk about some of the questions that have been coming into the Master Gardener helpline recently (that number, by the way, is 915-771-2354).  Wooly aphids have been attacking pine trees, and spittlebugs are making rosemary plants look rather icky.  Plus, what's the best way to control those out-of-control weeds in your turf?

If you'd like a closer look at El Paso's coolest bugs, visit Salvador Vitanza's El Paso Bugs Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ElPasoBugs?fref=nf.

Aired Sept 5, 2015.

Louie Saenz talks with Paul Adame and Ben Carnevale from the UTEP Staff Council.   The Staff Council is a voice for staff members at the University of Texas at El Paso. They elect representatives to hear the concerns and interests of staff members on campus...issues that can vary from parking concerns to customer relations. 

Dennis Woo talks with Sonia Zavala, volunteer coordinator with Diana’s I Will Live Foundation, and ovarian cancer survivor Ceci Vallez.  Ovarian cancer is often misdiagnosed, and once it’s detected it can be frighteningly lethal.  Ceci shares her experiences battling and overcoming ovarian cancer, and Sonia tells us the story of the young cancer fighter Diana, for whom the Foundation is named.

In a rebroadcast from July 6, 2014, Daniel & guest co-host Nancy Lechuga talk with Mary Szybist, author of Incarnadine, the winner of the 2013 National Book Award for Poetry.  Mary describes Incarnadine as a "religious book for nonbelievers."  She explains why the Annunciation plays such a dominant role in her book, and why "visual poetry" (imagine a poem about an apple written in the shape of an apple), though often seen as gimmicky, was a risk she chose to take for a few of the poems in Incarnadine.  http://maryszybist.net/

Today's Poem of the Week is "Night Shifts at the Group Home" read by Mary Szybist.  It comes from her award-winning collection, Incarnadine.

For today's Poetic License, Nancy Lechuga reads a love letter to humanity.

Aired July 6, 2014.

The El Paso Council for International Visitors receives foreign dignitaries invited by the U.S. Department of State to tour the United States.  This program is part of an effort by the US embassies around the world to acquaint emerging leaders of other nations with the United States.