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This week is all about the roses! Hosts Denise Rodriguez and John White talk all about summer rose care to start off your Memorial Day Weekend. 

The borderland is home to many talented filmmakers and many of those filmmakers are giving back to the community. Local filmmaker Angie Reza Tures not only  has a passion for creating films but also for creating opportunities for others to learn filmmaking techniques and exposing the work of local borderland filmmakers to a broader national audience.

Professor of Pathology and Immunology, Manuel Elkin Patarroyo from the National University of Colombia, (Bogota, Colombia) created the first synthetic vaccine.  

Mai Der Vang is the  author of Afterland which received the Walt Whitman Award winner from the Academy of American Poets. 

The El Paso Show introduces viewers to interesting area residents, musicians and restaurant entrepreneurs that are doing great things in our city. Produced by Leap Giant Media, an El Paso-based production company, The El Paso Show is broadcast on KCOS TV channel 13.

You are invited to tune in every 1st Saturday of each month at 8pm, right before Austin City Limits. Here to tell us all about their show is the El Paso Show team of JB Brooks, Ilean De Anda and Jesus Olivas. 

The work of El Paso painter Rhonda Doré will appear in Acrylic Works 4, an international survey of noteworthy contemporary acrylic painting released by art publisher North Light Books this spring.

El Paso’s The Art Avenue Gallery will host a print and book-signing celebration with Rhonda Doré at 6pm Thursday, May 25, 2017 at 1618 Texas Street. 

For classic film lovers there is no better experience than to enjoy a much beloved classic film in a historic movie theater. This summer the Plaza Classic Film Festival returns to the Plaza Theater in downtown El Paso. Program Director Doug Pullen discusses the some of the films that will be showing at the Plaza Classic Film Festival. 

Dr. Angel Marti, of Rice University, discusses his studies on amyloid plugs. 

Thomas H. Schmid is the Director of Literature. Graduate Advisor in Literature, and Professor of Literature at the Univeristy of Texas at El Paso. He recently released his novel Fools of Time. His novel tells the tale of a British Romantic scholar who just so happens to be a vampire who fed on Lord Byron. 

Ricardo Mora is founder and CEO of the Technology Hub Ciudad Juarez where there is a collaborative growth to build a community of innovative leaders. Mora believes that the idea generation is the key factor to improve the economic and social conditions of any region. 

As part of the El Paso Community Foundation’s Jewel Box Series, El Paso playwright Ted Karber, Jr., who brought us last year's delightful Precious Heart, returns with Banging the Bell.  The play is a comedy about a group of women who plan to be the belles of the ball at the annual cotillion, but infidelity, a corpulent corpse and a dim-witted deputy could get in their way.  

Do you you have a gardening question? Why not ask the El Paso Master Gardeners. Hosts Denise Rodriguez and John White answer some of your gardening questions left at the Master Gardeners' helpdesk. 

For auto racing enthusiasts few movies capture the speed and danger of the sport better than the 1971 film Le Mans. The film was a long gestating obsession for its star Steve McQueen and a new book chronicles the making of what would become a notorious box office flop.

Deneb Acevedo from the Physical Fitness in the Golden Age program from UTEP stops by to discuss the programs benefits. Physical Fitness in the Golden Age is a a fitness and exercise program for adults 60 year in age or older. 

The topic of discussion is all about algae, more specifically the benefits of algae as a fuel and fertilizer. Guest,  Jon Dougal, chairman and founder of SuperAlgae, inc. discusses what inspired him to work with algae, the many environmental and commercial benefits algae can have and the future of algae as a resource. 

Jeff Sirkin is a poet who writes on the intersection of music "with postmodern literature and the historic avant-garde". He discusses how his hometown and music inspired his debut poetry collection, Travelers Aid Society.  

Nolan Richardson Jr. has been named Sacred Heart's 2017 Segundo Barrio Person of the Year. The Father Rahm Segundo Barrio Person of the Year Award recognizes an individual or organization committed to the betterment, works, and service to the cultural, historical, economic, educational, and social empowerment of the Segundo Barrio (Second Ward), and its inhabitants, values, and unique experience. 

The International Museum of Art is a place of opportunity for local artists. The museum is experiencing a serious issue with the elevator that will cost up to $30,000 to repair.

El Paso artists have come together to donate their work to sell at auction to raise funds to help their beloved museum.  The Elevate Your Art fundraiser takes place on on Sunday May 7, 2017 at the International Museum of Art. 

If you attended FloraFest 2017 you may have purchased a native plant or two. Now that you have your native plant how do you care for it? Hosts Denise Rodriguez and John White discuss care for native plants along with tips and tricks. 

It has been almost a year since the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema opened its doors here in El Paso promising an expanded variety in the types of films for movie goers to enjoy. With the recently its recently launched film club the Alamo continues its march to bring a more eclectic mix in film titles. Alamo's Head of Programming for El Paso discusses the future film roster for the cinema. 

John White, garden curator of the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens, stops by to talk about the annual plant sale. FloraFest 2017. 

When you think about delivery vessels does your mind go to examples like the international space station? Well did you know now scientists are actually synthesizing DNA delivery vessels that are able to take payloads into the cell. That means there is all sorts of medications that can go directly to the cells via this new technology.

"All They Will Call You" is not just an infamous line in Woody Guthrie"s song "Deportee (Plane Wreck At Los Gatos)", it is also the name of Tim Z. Hernandez's new narrative.

Kikimora is an experimental jazz band inspired by modern and ancient air. They formed during a chance encounter in Oaxaca and now they are based in El Paso.

Kikimora will be playing a show with Frontera Bugalu and Los Chucanos on Thursday, May 4th at The Lowbrow Palace. Here to share their story are keyboardist Leo Bennato, bass player Jericho Cagle, and drummer Albert Braun.

Cartography: Mapping Contemporary Art at the Border is a didactic exhibition that takes a look at the landscape of institutions and independent projects that shape contemporary art practices in El Paso, Juarez and Las Cruces. 

Les Staniford is a critically acclaimed author of 21 books including his latest work "Water to the Angels". He is He is the founding Director of the Creative Writing Program at Florida International University in Miami and has received awards and recognition for his works including the Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Award and the Frank O'Connor Award for Short Fiction. 


Aired April 23, 2017

Korean American poet, writer, and educator Sun Yung Shin is an award winning poet. She's written many works including her newest book "Unbearable Splendor". Described as "poetry as essay", Sun Yung Shin uses her experiences  as an immigrant child as inspiration for her work. 

Jay Duncan with Jay’s Pix Presents and the Sunset Film Society proudly present a special movie event in celebration of the 45th Anniversary of The Godfather .

The event takes place on April 23, 2017 at 4pm at Ardovino's Desert Crossing.  Jay Duncan and Marina Ardovino provide the details.

Event founder, Jacob Fourzan previews the 8th annual El BugO in El PasO! V.W. Charity Car show and swap meet at the El Paso County Coliseum.

Hosts Denise Rodriguez and Jan Petrzelka talk all about container gardening. From selecting your container and choosing your plants, Denise and Jan discuss the tips and tricks to make your container gardening a successful venture.