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Saturday Afternoon at 1:30

The Weekend with Louie Saenz covers local issues such as politics, health, and an inside view on what’s happening in El Paso.

These insightful, intelligent conversations will give you a deeper understanding about El Paso’s people, lifestyle, and culture.

Norma Guzman, Conservation Specialist, and Christina Montoya, Communication & Marketing Manager, share some water conservation tips as we approach the summer season and the various programs El Paso Water Utilities has to offer for our community.


The Pulitzer Prize is perhaps the most prestigious award in American Journalism. Lisa Falkenberg, the 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner in Commentary and Texas Native, shares her experience as an aspiring journalist which ultimately led to this major accomplishment.

Layra Marivani and Kayla Suarez from the YWCA visit with us and share some of the various programs the organization has to offer for our all members of our El Paso community.

Professor and archeologist Darius Arya shares with us his expertise in “scratching the surface” and what exactly happens “when in Rome.” He has appeared as guest lec­turer, expert and host in numer­ous doc­u­men­taries  for Dis­cov­ery, His­tory and National Geo­graphic chan­nels, and has been cited in arti­cles in CNN, Time, The Guardian and BBC.

Political scientist Dr. Gregory Rocha returns to our studio to discuss President Trump’s first 100 days in office.

If you grew up in the 60's, you remember hearing about hate and violence against certain people because of their color or beliefs. More than half a century later, we are still faced with similar problems. We visit with Hal Marcus and Sabri Agachan from the Dialogue Institute of the Southwest as they share the institute's mission.

Do you enjoy the outdoors? How would you like to explore some of the wonders of the Las Cruces/El Paso area and be back by noon? Kevin Bixby of the Southwest Environmental Center shares more on the "Back by Noon" program, as well as many others the organization has to offer.

Immigration reform has always been a political football in our American system. This week, we feature a conversation with Dylan Corbett, Director of the Hope Border Institute, who tells us about efforts underway to help immigrants in our border region.

UTEP's very own professors Irasema Coronado and Zita Arocha tell all as they prepare a group of students they will be taking to Cuba as a study abroad course offered this summer to learn more about the country.

The Prospector's Gaby Velasquez.

Corey Bailey and Pamela Johnson join us to share what El Paso can expect on the upcoming 11th annual Gospel Explosion. This concert features music, dance, and poetry all inspired by gospel music held at the UTEP Fox Fine Arts Recital Hall.

In part one of this two-part episode, Dr. Sally Perry, Executive Director of the Sinclair Lewis Society and Associate Dean at Illinois State University, talks about the 1935 book "It Can't Happen Here." On the second half, UTEP graduate student and PhD. candidate David Robles, along with UTEP history professors Dr. Sam Brunk and Yolanda Leyva tell the audience what they can expect at UTEP's Borderlands History Complex.

Lobbyists are no strangers to Congress and one national organization is helping students learn the ropes  of it all. Brenda Luna and Katie Breslin from the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) join us in the studio as they share their ongoing efforts with students on improving immigration reform.

Local pharmacist Nick Stark addresses common concerns and questions many may face when being prescribed new medications, or assisting a loved one with pharmaceutical care. Stark is also the Owner/President of Stark Health Consulting and the Founder of Less Money More Travel.

Dr. Tom Fullerton, professor of Economics in the College of Business Administration, shares El Paso's Borderplex Economic Outlook to 2018, as well as taking a look into what a Trump administration may mean to our economy.

El Paso City Representative Peter Svarzbein enlightens us on Sister Cities International in part 1 of this two-part interview. In part 2, Captain Mike Guardia, internationally recognized author and military historian, shares his most recent children's book, "It's Snowing in Hawaii."

Carlos Rosales, former journalist and ABC-7 Assistant News Director, recaps 2016 with some of El Paso's top stories in journalism.

Most pets love the holidays as much as kids do, and like small children, we have to keep an eye on them. Dr. Randy Shinaut visits the studio and shares the do's and dont's of holiday treats for your furry family members. Dr. Shinaut also shares traveling tips for those who are planning on traveling this holiday season with their pets.

In this two-part interview, Dr. Griffin Rodgers of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) discusses diabetes as well as many other health issues affecting millions of Americans. For the second half of the show, we revisit with Dr. Leah Whigham in a past interview taped in August of 2016 who discussed the Paso del Norte Institute for Healthy Living.

University Medical Center (UMC) Foundation's Executive Director, Dennece Knight, discusses the amazing strides made in curing kid's cancer, right here at home. 


We visit with Margaret Perez, outgoing executive director of the Better Business Bureau in El Paso; and with Marybeth Stevens, incoming executive director of the BBB in El Paso.  They join us to talk about how the BBB operates as a neutral 3rd party between the consumer and area businesses.  They also talk about how we can protect ourselves from various scams, like the omnipresent Nigerian email scam, IRS scams, and internet scams.


Aired Dec 3, 2016

Commuters in El Paso are constantly running into delays due to construction and/or collisions across El Paso's highways and main roads.  The METROPIA app is an option for drivers who want to easily plan their commute ... and even earn rewards from local business.  Community Manager Tania Chozet, traffic engineer Pablo Bustamante, and advisor Marybeth Stevens join us for this program to tell us more about Metropia, which is a free download on the App Store and at Google Play.


Aired Sat Dec 26, 2016

Blake Barrow is the Executive Director of the Rescue Mission of El Paso. He joins us to tell us more about the move to their new location at 209 Lee St near Downtown El Paso, and how he turned his love of Texas BBQ into a catering business and soon-to-be restaurant called the Hallelujah BBQ, which is staffed by those served by the Rescue Mission.

Follow the Rescue Mission on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RMElPaso/

Aired Nov. 19, 2016

Host Louie Saenz reviews the Presidential Election of 2016 with Mary Benanti, Associate Professor at the New Mexico State University Women's Studies Program; and Tony Payan of the James Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University.  They discuss the results of the Nov. 8 election, voter dissatisfaction, polling inaccuracies, and the influence of the media.

Aired Nov. 12, 2016

In the 1970s, the Mexican government adopted an initiative to promote family planning among its citizens.  IUDs, intrauterine devices, were one of the options available to women.  IUDs are considered Long Acting and Reversable Contraceptives, or LARCs, and their use in Mexico far outweighed their use in the United States.  Researchers at the University of Texas investigated the use of LARCs in Austin and El Paso, and they share some surprising results with us on this program.  We'll visit with Joseph Potter, PhD, principal investigator of the Texas Policy Evaluation Project; and Kari White, PhD, investigator of the Texas Policy Evaluation Project

Read the full report, "The Availability and Use of Postpartum LARC in Mexico and Among Hispanics in the United States," at http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10995-016-2179-6

Aired Nov. 5, 2016

La Mujer Obrera will be hosting a celebration of the Dia de los Muertos this weekend at Cafe Mayapan. To tell us more about the event and about the organization will be Cemelli de Aztlan and Latin Grammy nominee, Amalia Mondragon. Host Louie Saenz will be joined by one of KTEP's fine student interns, Alyssa Cardona.

The event is Sat. Oct. 29 from 3-10pm at 2000 Texas Avenue.


Aired Oct 29, 2016

Artist Tom Lea was an artist, muralist, author, war correspondent, novelist, and historian.  And he made El Paso his home.  Adair Margo was a longtime friend to Tom Lea, and she is the founder of the Tom Lea Institute, which is celebrating Tom Lea Month in October.  Adair shares her memories of Tom and his 2nd wife Nancy, and tells us about an exhibit at the UTEP Centennial Museum that will showcase the writings of Tom's first wife Nancy, who died at a young age.  

For information on Tom Lea Month events, visit http://tomlea.com/

Aired Oct 22, 2016

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso recently received a $351,721 grant from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and that grant is being used to train TTUHSC El Paso's medical students in hands-on situations at the Sin Fronteras Migrant Clinic.  Migrant farmworkers are a medically-underserved populations, and they receive free medical care while medical students receive valuable training.  We'll visit with Dr. Charmaine Martin, founder of the Longitudinal Primary Care Track; medical student Justin Hartman; and grant coordinator Tracy Leonard.

Aired October 15, 2016

Newspaper libraries filled with old files and news clippings are called "morgues," and every Sunday in the El Paso Times, Trish Long shares Tales from the Morgue.  She joins us on this program to tell us some fascinating and long-forgotten tales of El Paso history, including the B-36 Bomber that crashed into the Franklin Mountains in 1953...the very first airline hijacking that ended at the El Paso airport...and El Paso's penchant for being Ground Zero for Hollywood divorces for celebs such as Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.  


The Rio Grande Cancer Foundation (RGCF) celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and to tell us more about it is Patty Tiscareño, executive director of the RGCF.  Patty explains why screening and early detection is directly responsible for why more people are surviving cancer rather than dying from it.  The RGCF has a new home, 616 N. Virginia (at Wyoming), and will hold numerous classes and support services to cancer patients and their loved ones.  


Aired Oct 1, 2016

  Women, children, and men are all affected by sexual or domestic violence.  The YWCA's annual event, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, is a men-only march meant to put them in the shoes of women to raise awareness of sexual & domestic violence. This year's event is Oct 20 at San Jacinto Plaza, and we'll hear more about the event and about other programs offered by the YWCA with Secret Wherret, Sharon Robinet, and Kayla Suarez. More details: 4:30pm registration, 6:30pm walkhttp://www.ywca.org/wam16 or call 915-533-2311 Aired Sept 24, 2016