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Perspectives is a weekly program that targets issues that concern the local community. Since 1990, host Louie Saenz has been giving you an understanding of what’s going on in El Paso. The show covers local political issues, health news and updates, and world events. Perspectives gives you an opportunity to hear what the city is doing about various issues with in-studio interviews with the El Paso Chief of Police, doctors and non-profit organizations.

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KTEP Local
2:00 pm
Sat December 29, 2012

PERSPECTIVES: International Sun Conference on Teaching & Learning

Louie talks with Harry Meeuwson, director of CETaL (Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning); and Karla Ramirez, program director of CETaL.  Meeuwson & Ramirez talk about how CETaL focuses on improving teaching skills for UTEP faculty and graduate student instructors. 

CETaL will be sponsoring the upcoming International Sun Conference on Teaching & Learning, February 28 & March 1, at the Tomas Rivera Conference Center in the UTEP East Union Building.  Guest speakers at the conference will be Richard Pineda of the UTEP Department of Communication, and Marsha Lovett, co-author of "How Learning Works."  Advance registration available at; registration also available on site the days of the conference.  More information: 915-747-8793.  (The deadline for submitting papers for the conference is Jan. 3.)

Aired Dec. 29, 2012.

KTEP Local
2:00 pm
Sat December 15, 2012

PERSPECTIVES: Holiday Plant Care

Louie talks with John White, curator of the Chihuahuan Desert Gardens at the UTEP Centennial Museum. John gives us the lowdown on holiday plant care, including the care of poinsettias, Christmas cacti, and live or cut Christmas trees.  He also talks about why we shouldn't sing the praises of the parasitic, poisonous mistletoe!  John also fills us in on holiday snacks such as pecans, and why the drought is affecting the supply.  Aired Dec. 15, 2012.

KTEP Local
2:00 pm
Sat December 8, 2012


Louie talks with Laurie Paternoster, owner of Lynx Exhibits; and Deborah Chaney, Education Director at Lynx Exhibits.  Laurie & Deborah talk about this unique El Paso museum which offers fun & educational traveling exhibits which invite families to immerse themselves in hands-on activities.  Hear about some new exciting exhibits coming in January 2013.

Lynx Exhibits is located at 301 W. Overland in Downtown El Paso.  915-533-5330,

Aired Dec. 8, 2012.

KTEP Local
2:00 pm
Sat December 1, 2012


Louie talks with Catherine McCorry-Andalis, Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Student Affairs at UTEP.  McCorry-Andalis talks about her role as Dean of Students in getting all undergraduates and graduate students engaged in campus activities outside the classroom.  She also discusses how UTEP welcomes and accommodates non-traditional students such as military veterans, single parents, older students, and international students., 915-747-5648.

Aired Dec. 1, 2012.

2:00 pm
Sat November 24, 2012

PERSPECTIVES: Israel & Hamas Conflict

Louie talks with UTEP Associate Professor of Political Science, Chuck Boehmer.  The discuss the current situation between Israel and Hamas on the Gaza Strip.  Boehmer talks about the decades-long conflict in the region, and its relation to Israeli territorial expansion and Arab displacement.  He talks about the potential role the U.S. may play in the current conflict, and how tension in the region could affect neighboring countries.  Aired Nov. 24, 2012.

2:00 pm
Sat November 17, 2012


Louie talks with film historian and collector, Jay Duncan.  Jay talks about the dawn of the sci-fi era in the 1950s and how it led to his life-long fascination with movies.  He talks about the silent film era, and the great musicians & composers who wrote memorable cinematic soundtracks. Jay also shares his thoughts on how to know when an artifact associated with a film will be worth something in the future.  Plus, Jay reflects on today's actors...and why he thinks British actors are way better than the Americans!  Aired Nov. 17, 2012.

KTEP Local
2:00 pm
Sat November 10, 2012


Guest host Dennis Woo talks with Harold Howell, President of the El Paso Chapter of the NAACP.  Howell talks about the history of the NAACP in El Paso, and how it can help young people learn more about the civil rights movement which is still making an impact in society today.  The El Paso Chapter of the NAACP meets every 3rd Saturday at 11 a.m. at Mount Zion Baptist Church, 3400 Wyoming. http://naacpelpaso.orgAired Nov. 10, 2012.

KTEP Local
12:13 pm
Mon November 5, 2012

PERSPECTIVES: Quality of Life Bonds

Louie breaks down the Quality of Life Bond issue in this 2-part conversation. The first half of the program features Bonnie Escobar, Leonard "Tripper" Goodman, and Sam Thompson. They talk about the issues dominating the Quality of Life Bond election, and talk about why voters should support them. In the second half of the program, Ron McGinnis explains why he changed his mind about the Quality of Life Bond issues, and why he is encouraging voters to reject them. More information on the Quality of Life Bond issue can be found at

Aired Oct. 20, 2012.  Re-aired Nov 3, 2012.

KTEP Local
6:51 pm
Sat October 27, 2012

PERSPECTIVES: Dia de los Muertos

Guest host Dennis Woo talks with Estella Reyes, media relations administrator for Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe Inc.  Reyes talks about the upcoming Dia de los Muertos celebration on Nov. 2 at the La Fe Cultural & Technology Center, 721 S. Ochoa.  The event features altars, music, folklorico, and more.  The public is also invited to create their own altars for their loved ones for the celebration.  They also talk about the centuries-old tradition of celebrating the souls of our departed friends & relatives, and the ways it contrasts and compares to Halloween.  Information: 915-545-7190.  Aired Oct. 27, 2012.

KTEP Local
11:27 am
Thu October 25, 2012

PERSPECTIVES: Foley; Reentry

Louie talks with Ken Forrestal, local actor, director, and foley artist. Forrestal talks about the role foley artists had in providing sound effects for old-time radio dramas, and his role in providing sound effects for the El Paso Playhouse's staged radio play productions. Louie also talks with Morgana Shaw, Hector Dez, and Kathryn Smith-McGlynn about the October Frontera Rep production of "Reentry," a staged docudrama which provides an unflinching look at the lives of Marines getting ready for and returning from combat. With dialogue taken from real interviews of Marines and their families. Aired Oct. 6, 2012.

11:24 am
Thu October 25, 2012


Louie talks with bestselling author Steve Berry, whose upcoming novel, "The Columbus Affair," tells the story of a journalist who discovers the REAL reason why Christopher Columbus sailed in 1492, and if the secret were to get out, the modern political world would be changed forever. Berry also talks about the controversy surrounding Columbus' voyages, and why he shouldn't really be considered a villain...though he was no saint!  Aired Oct. 13, 2012.