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On Film has aired weekly on KTEP since 1993 and covers contemporary and classic films, filmmaking, film industry developments and the talents of local filmmakers through insightful interviews, reviews and commentary.

For area filmmakers making a movie is only half the battle, the distribution and marketing can be just as or even more difficult, Las Cruces based Borderland Media hoped to bridge the gap between production and distribution. Host Charles Horak discusses with guests Troy Scoughton and David Salcido, partners with Borderland Media who just released a new anthology horror film, "Lady Belladonna's Nightshade". 

Frequent On Film contributor Jeanna Creel returns to the show and joins host Charles Horak to discuss two very different films about women who take control of their lives: Theodore Melfi's "Hidden Figures" and Paul Verhoeven's "Elle."

James Fino, twenty five-year veteran of the entertainment industry, joins us for this in-studio interview on Starburns Industries. Fino is an executive producer/partner with Starburns Industries and the firm's work in ground-breaking animation for television and feature films has been widely praised over the last few years.

It's a tradition for many families to gather at the holidays and share a favorite film. On the shortlist of biggest holiday film traditions would have to be the Technicolor musical, "Meet Me In St. Louis." Charles Horak wraps up this two-part edition of On Film.

Part 2 Original Air Date: August 31, 2013

The MGM musical "Meet Me In St. Louis" is near the top of the list of many family's favorite Christmas movie traditions, while only about a third of the film takes place during the holiday. Charles Horak discusses the musical and how it has resonated with audiences for decades in this special two-part edition of On Film.

Part 1 Original Air Date: August 24, 2013

Since it's opening in May of this year, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has added a variety of diverse programming to El Paso's cinema landscape. Host Charles Horak is joined by the Drafthouse's programming director, Robert Saucedo, and discusses the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema's first year in operation and plans for its future. 

Frequent On Film contributor Jeanna Creel returns to the show and joins host Charles Horak to discuss two recent releases: Tom Ford's "Nocturnal Animals" and John Madden's "Miss Sloane."


Let the awards season begin!  The 22nd annual Critics Choice Awards nominations honor "La La Land" with 12 nominations...and "Arrival” and “Moonlight” with ten nominations each.  The Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) will honor the year's top films, actors, producers, and directors on December 11, broadcast on A&E.  BFCA members Felipa Solis and host Charles Horak talk about their faves and who they think was overlooked. 


Aired Dec 3, 2016

Film aficionado Kyle Alvarado joins host Charles Horak to discuss two recent releases: "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" and "Moonlight."  Does "Fantastic Beasts" spend too much time setting up a franchise, and does "Moonlight" live up to its critical acclaim?  Plus, Kyle & Charles share some other cinematic picks for your holiday weekend.

Aired Nov. 26, 2016

*Re-broadcast from April 23, 2016* 

Texas played a tremendous role in NASA's ambitions to get a man to the moon. The Texas Archive of the Moving Image has collected a number of broadcasts, films, and home movies that were not readily available to the public that document man's journey to the moon and the role that Texas played in that endeavor.

Afsheen Nomai, curator of the online exhibit A JOURNEY TO THE MOON THROUGH TEXAS, will share some of the stories behind those films, which are available for viewing at http://www.texasarchive.org/a_journey_to_the_moon/.

Aired Nov 19, 2016

Women filmmakers in El Paso are a strong, united force, and on this program, we'll visit with Angie Reza Tures, organizer of the Femme Frontera Filmmaker Showcase.  The festival will feature films by Laura Bustillos Jáquez, Iliana Sosa, Ilana Lapid, Jazmin Harvey, Yennifer Lucero, and Angie Reza Tures.  The public has 2 chances to catch these films:  Mon. Nov 14 at 6:30pm at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema ($7), and Tue. Nov 16 at 4:30pm at the El Paso Public Library downtown branch (free).  


Aired Nov. 12, 2016

In July 1984, a killer with a hatred towards Mexicans and Mexican-Americans open fired in a McDonalds in San Ysidro, California.  He killed 21 people...making this the worst mass shooting in the United States at the time.  Filmmaker Charlie Minn, whose films focus on innocent victims and underdogs, focused on the survivors and their tales of courage in his latest film "77 Minutes."  

The film opens in El Paso at Premiere Cinemas at Bassett Place on Nov. 11.

Aired Nov. 5, 2016

We'll all get our dose of Carrie or Freddie or Jason this Halloween, but there are a number of little-seen horror flicks that film director Lucky McKee recommends.  He joins us on this program to tell us why we must watch the classic "Mad Love" (1935) with Peter Lorre, or "Frailty" (2001) directed by Bill Paxton, or "The Legend of Hell House (1973).  

Aired Oct. 29, 2016

Scott Murray, Film Liaison for the nonprofit Film Las Cruces, joins us on this program to tell us how this new office is working to bring more film productions to the region...whether they be multi-million dollar blockbusters or independent shoots.   New Mexico has been very attractive to filmmakers across the region, but most of the business is drawn to Albuquerque or Santa Fe.  Film Las Cruces is working to bring jobs to the southern part of the state.


Aired Oct 22, 2016

Host Charles Horak and guest Jeanne Creel had a chance to see "The Girl on the Train" starring Emily Blunt, based on the bestselling novel by Paula Hawkins.  Jeanne read the book - does she feel that the film lives up to the book's standards?  Does Charles think the film stands alone on its own merits?

Plus, Charles & Jeanne heap praise on a couple of British productions that are available for streaming and on DVD or Blu Ray: "The Worricker Trilogy," a spy series starring Bill Nighy and Christopher Walken, and "The Dresser" starring Ian McKellen and Anthony Hopkins.

Aired October 15, 2016

Area filmmakers frequently have to make the 3 1/2-hour drive to Albuquerque to find good paying work.  Tax incentives in New Mexico far outweigh those offered in Texas, and a group of filmmaker advocates and a city councilman are working to change that.  We'll talk with District 1 Representative Peter Svarzbein, Jesus Nuñez of DoubleScope Films and Carlos Corral of MindWarp LLC.  They'll tell us about a recent rally at City Council and what the City is doing to help area filmmakers. 


Aired Oct. 8, 2016


  Dr. Bob Blackburn is the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Historical Society, and he joins us on this program to tell us about the exciting discovery and preservation of a 1920 silent film that authentically portrayed Native Americans in a tale that starred over 300 Kiowa & Comanche actors who used their own tipis, horses, clothing, and traditions to the set.  


Aired October 1, 2016

  "Sully" spent 2 weeks at the top of the box office...and Oliver Stone's "Snowden" has been causing a stir.  What do our local film experts have to say about these films?  Broadcast Film Critic Association member Felipa Solis & film aficionado Kyle Alvarado weigh in on what's showing at our local cinemas. Aired Sept 24, 2016

  *Re-broadcast from Nov 14, 2015*

  Madeline Moya is the managing director of the Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI), and she joins us on the next ON FILM to tell us about TAMI's online exhibit AMATEUR AMATEURS, which features films by amateur Texas filmmakers. The films include a 1964 black & white horror film by tailor, magician, and filmmaker Ramon Galindo...a comedy by two brothers who filmed a slapstick comedy while they were in high school...and socially-conscious films by a teacher and self-taught photographer.


Aired Sept 17, 2016.

  Guest hosts Felipa Solis and Kyle Alvarado are raging film buffs, and they join us on this program to share their opinions about a couple of very different movies that are making waves with critics and audiences alike: "Don't Breathe," about a group of young home invaders who are clueless about the deadly abilities of their blind target...and "Hell or High Water," about two brothers who plan a heist against the bank that is foreclosing on their family ranch.

Aired Sept 10, 2016

  Throughout the decades, the cinema has not shied away from addressing political or social issues, whether directly or metaphorically.  The Sunset Film Society is screening classic films whose messages are still relevant today.  To tell us more is Sunset Film Society Founder Jay Duncan.

Films screen Saturdays at 2pm at the International Museum of Art, 1211 Montana.  http://www.sunsetfilmsociety.org

  • Sept 3: Gabriel Over the White House (1933)
  • Sept 10: The Boy with Green Hair (1948)
  • Sept 17: The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)
  • Sept 24: On the Beach (1959)

Aired Sept 3, 2016

  Princess Leia in Star Wars...Furiosa in Fury Road...Mammy in Gone with the Wind...

What do these characters have in common?  They are strong female characters in film.  The Alliance for Women Film Journalists has compiled a list of the top 55 women in cinema - the Wonder Women.  Jennifer Merin, founder and president of the AWFJ joins us on this program to tell us more.


Aired Aug. 27, 2016

  Adriana Montenegro immersed herself in European art house and French New Wave films in college.  She is sharing her love of foreign films with the community in the Cineboom film series.  Upcoming films include "Blue is the Warmest Color" (Aug 22), "City of God" (Aug 29), "Pan's Labyrinth" (Sept 5), and many more.  Films screen Mondays at sundown at Boomtown, 2430 Wyoming, in the patio.


Aired Aug. 20, 2016

  Ilana Lapid is a filmmaker and an assistant professor at New Mexico State University. Her latest project, Yochi, was filmed in Belize with non-actors, and tells the story of two brothers - the younger one who is selectively mute after his grandfather dies, and the older one who turns to poaching to pay his debts.

A fundraising screening of an unfinished version of Yochi will screen at the Plaza Classic Film Festival on Saturday, August 13 at 4 p.m., at the El Paso Community Foundation's Foundation Room, 333 N. Oregon.  Admission and donations will assist in the film's completion. 

Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/YochiFilm/

Aired Aug. 13, 2016


  The Texas epic "Giant" celebrates its 60th anniversary this year with a special screening at this year's Plaza Classic Film Festival, Saturday, Aug. 6 at 6 p.m.  "Giant" was one of actor Robert Nichols' earliest roles, and in this 2008 recording from that year's Plaza Classic Film Festival, he shares the memories he made shooting this classic with Rock Hudson, Elizabeth Taylor, and James Dean. 

Robert Nichols died in 2013.

Aired Aug. 6, 2013


  **Originally aired May 9, 2015**

  Charles talks with Ken Winoker, music producer and member of the Psychedelic Cinema Orchestra.  Winoker and his fellow band mates have orchestrated the images of filmmaker Ken Brown, whose trippy works were often shown in the backdrop  of concerts in the late `60s by Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead, and even B.B. King.  Learn more about Ken Brown at http://www.kenbrownpixpop.com/.

View a sample of the Psychedelic Cinema Orchestra's take on "Wavey Lines" here: 

Aired July 30, 2016

  Guest host Felipa Solis welcomes frequent contributor Kyle Alvarado to talk about some of the films out in theatres right now.  They share their thoughts on "The Secret Life of Pets," "Ghostbusters," and a few shows available for streaming, like "Stranger Things" starring Winona Ryder on Netflix.

Aired July 23, 2016

  The Plaza Classic Film Festival returns to downtown El Paso August 4-14, and get a preview from Doug Pullen, Program Director at the El Paso Community Foundation and programmer of the Plaza Classic Film Festival.  The original Star Wars trilogy will likely be the most popular offerings, but the festival will also include little-known classics like 1960's "Primary" and 1944's "The Uninvited," to crowd faves like "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."   The festival will also feature concerts, live accompaniment to silent films, and appearances by very special guests.


Aired July 16, 2016

  Do you have fond memories of waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons? Do you STILL enjoy watching animated programs? Many of today's animated shows are created just for grown ups. On the next ON FILM, we'll visit with James Fino of Starburns Industries, which is involved with the popular HBO animated show "Animals." http://www.hbo.com/animals

Fino is also involved with 2 other creative animated projects: one is based on fantasy game play by Dan Harmon (http://www.starburnsindustries.com/tag/harmonquest/), and the other, "Party Legends," features animated takes on the party stories of infamous celebrities (https://www.viceland.com/en_us/show/party-legends)

Aired July 9, 2016

  One film is a blow-up-the-world alien invasion blockbuster. The other is a more intimate woman-versus-shark film. On which movie should you spend your hard-earned movie money? On the next ON FILM, host Charles Horak and Oscar Garza give their opinions on "Independence Day Resurgence" and "The Shallows."  Aired July 2, 2016