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On Film has aired weekly on KTEP since 1993 and covers contemporary and classic films, filmmaking, film industry developments and the talents of local filmmakers through insightful interviews, reviews and commentary.

For fantasy and adventure film lovers, one of the grandfathers of the genre is the 1925 film The Lost World. The movie was recently restored and will be screened in El Paso with an original score by the famed musical trio The Alloy Orchestra and will be performed LIVE at this special screening! Our guest this week is Ken Winokur, founder and member of the Alloy Orchestra, and he discusses the art of composing new music for silent films.

An initiative to create grant-based financial support for local filmmakers is making progress in the city of El Paso and will soon start giving out its first grants. Charles Horak is joined by Peter Svarzbein, El Paso City Council Representative for District 1, and Jesus Nuñez, local filmmaker and advocate, as they discuss the latest developments in the city of El Paso's process to create grant funding for film productions.
Local support for local films!

El Paso has seen its share of film screening series over the years. Many of which are the work and passion of one local film historian, Jay Duncan. This week we visit with Jay, director of the Sunset Film Society, and discuss his long history of presenting films in the borderland and his latest venture in the Sunset Film Society as they just celebrated its 4th anniversary.

***Originally Aired on march 16, 2013***

Marriage and divorce is often portrayed on the big screen even becoming the central plot point for some movies. In her book I Do and I Don't: A History of Marriage in the Movies, author Jeanine Basinger explores the many ways in which Hollywood has tackled the tricky subject of marriage. 

While our region may have a growing filmmaking community, the infrastructure, resources and support available to filmmakers is still far behind.  Las Cruces based PRC Productions has opened a 300 square foot production and post production facility with hopes of supporting and expanding the regions filmmakers' capabilities. Troy Scoughton and David Salcido are partners in PRC Productions and discuss the new production facility and Borderlands Media. 

Most cinephiles are movie watchers, not movie listeners however music plays a very important role in movies. From enhancing and supporting the images we see music plays a vital role in any movie experience. 

The professional film making community in El Paso is growing with many filmmakers opting to split their time between commercial work and personal projects. DoubleScope Films is a local production company that has recently made their new short film available on their Website for viewing. Jaime Blanco, founder of DoubleScope, and Jesús Nuñez, creative director for DoubleScope, talk about their new short film "Cycle" as well as their production company. 

Samuel Beckett is one of the most influential writer, thinker, and theater director of the 20th century. Beckett is best known for his play Waiting for Godot. Five years before Waiting for Godot, Beckett made a singular foray into cinema writing and creating a short film simply titled "Film". 

With the influx of super hero movies dominating the cinema, one film seeks to change the narrative of the super hero film. Join host Charles Horak and frequent On Film contributor Jeanne Creel as they discuss "Wonder Woman".  

***Originally Aired March 14, 2015***  

In a rebroadcast from March 14, 2015, Charles talks with journalist & author Mark Harris, whose latest book is "Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War."  

The borderland is home to many talented filmmakers and many of those filmmakers are giving back to the community. Local filmmaker Angie Reza Tures not only  has a passion for creating films but also for creating opportunities for others to learn filmmaking techniques and exposing the work of local borderland filmmakers to a broader national audience.

For classic film lovers there is no better experience than to enjoy a much beloved classic film in a historic movie theater. This summer the Plaza Classic Film Festival returns to the Plaza Theater in downtown El Paso. Program Director Doug Pullen discusses the some of the films that will be showing at the Plaza Classic Film Festival. 

For auto racing enthusiasts few movies capture the speed and danger of the sport better than the 1971 film Le Mans. The film was a long gestating obsession for its star Steve McQueen and a new book chronicles the making of what would become a notorious box office flop.

It has been almost a year since the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema opened its doors here in El Paso promising an expanded variety in the types of films for movie goers to enjoy. With the recently its recently launched film club the Alamo continues its march to bring a more eclectic mix in film titles. Alamo's Head of Programming for El Paso discusses the future film roster for the cinema. 

It may be surprising to see just how many films are being made in and around El Paso by a growing number of independent filmmakers. The new short film "(Sun) City Lights" spotlights the talent of one tight knit group of friends who hope to tackle a feature film soon. Writer and director Carlos de la Torre and Producer Austin Young from Tower Productions discuss their new short film.    

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the classic film "The Godfather". To celebrate the anniversary of the epic mob drama The Sunset Film Society and Ardovino's Desert Crossing have teamed up to host a unique screening of the film complete with an Italian dinner. 

Marlon Brando and Montgomery Clift were two of the biggest film stars of the 1950's. However the two had a very complicated relationship.  The play "Idol" by Joel Murray re-imagines the encounter the two mega stars had with each other while exploring each actors passion and insecurities.

Being an independent filmmaker can be both challenging and rewarding. One of the first challenges a filmmaker faces is money. Whether the money is needed to start up or finish a film, having the income can mean a world of difference for a filmmaker. The Austin Film Society seeks to alleviate this challenge for Texan filmmakers through grants. Iliana Sosa, Artist Services Manager for the Austin Film Society, talks about the grants the society offers and a grant workshop that is being held in El Paso on April 13th. 


Aired April 1, 2017

TCM cable channel has been a go to for classic movie lovers. While TCM allows movie lovers to enjoy the classics in the comfort of their own homes, TCM also recognizes the importance of the communal experience in watching a film with fellow film enthusiasts.  It is for that reason that TCM hosts the TCM Classic Film Festival and remains one of the important film festivals for the classics. Charlie Tabish, TCM's Senior Vice President for Programming discusses this years film festival that will run from April 6-9 in Hollywood. 


Aired March 25, 2017

The title of "Producer" in film and television credits has long been overlooked or associated with misconceptions on what exactly a producer does. Well the Producers Guild of America has been working to increase awareness of the organizations and the roles that producers play. One of the ways that the organization is working to increase awareness is through its podcast, "Produced By". Host Charles Horak speaks to the executive producer and host of the podcast, Kevin Fairchild.


Aired March 18, 2017 

Summer movie season may be two months away but with warm temperatures and movies like "Logan" making their debut, it almost seems like summer came early. Join host Charles Horak and frequent On Film contributor Jeanne Creel as they discuss the movies "Logan" and "Get Out", the summer movie season comes early! 

Aired March 11, 2017

Documentary films do more than just document, the transport the viewer to places and expand our view of the the world creating a unique experience. The recently completed documentary, "The Tenth Step", is an example of a documentary that provides that experience to the viewer. " The Tenth Step" chronicles one man's journey to retrace a life spent in extreme adventuring in and around the Himalayas. The film serves both as a documentary and an engrossing memoir. Charles Horak is joined by Gerry Moffatt, the films director and subject, and Pia Saengswang the film's writer and producer.


Aired March 5, 2017

Host Charles Horak is joined by Jay Duncan, local film historian and director of the Sunset Film Society. On this episode of On Film, Duncan talks about the Sunset Film Society's  March series which will spotlight El Paso. El Paso has hosted major movie productions and the March series will show 3 films that brought major actors to the border and made El Paso a star. 


The Texas Archive of the Moving Image (TAMI) has been digitizing and cataloging a wide range of moving image material that documents the lives of Texans. "Weathering Texas" is the latest online exhibition to be released by TAMI. Host Charles Horak is joined by Madeline Moya, managing director of TAMI, and Ayshea Khan, curator of the Weathering Texas exhibition, to discuss TAMI and the exhibition. 


Aired Feb. 11, 2017

A focus on the local film scene. Host Charles Horak sits down with local filmmaker Anthony Salgado to talk about his feature length crime film. Salgado is the writer, producer, director, and editor for  "Paranoid Flux". The film will have its debut next week.

Aired Feb. 4, 2017 

Host Charles Horak discusses The Alliance of Women Film Journalists'  EDA Awards with co-founder Jennifer Merin. The EDA awards recognize the work and contributions done by women and about women, both in front and behind the camera. 


Aired Jan. 28, 2017

For area filmmakers making a movie is only half the battle, the distribution and marketing can be just as or even more difficult, Las Cruces based Borderland Media hoped to bridge the gap between production and distribution. Host Charles Horak discusses with guests Troy Scoughton and David Salcido, partners with Borderland Media who just released a new anthology horror film, "Lady Belladonna's Nightshade". 

Frequent On Film contributor Jeanna Creel returns to the show and joins host Charles Horak to discuss two very different films about women who take control of their lives: Theodore Melfi's "Hidden Figures" and Paul Verhoeven's "Elle."

James Fino, twenty five-year veteran of the entertainment industry, joins us for this in-studio interview on Starburns Industries. Fino is an executive producer/partner with Starburns Industries and the firm's work in ground-breaking animation for television and feature films has been widely praised over the last few years.

It's a tradition for many families to gather at the holidays and share a favorite film. On the shortlist of biggest holiday film traditions would have to be the Technicolor musical, "Meet Me In St. Louis." Charles Horak wraps up this two-part edition of On Film.

Part 2 Original Air Date: August 31, 2013