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El Paso Prime Time focuses on the diverse lifestyles, interests, and concerns of senior living.

Noemi Rojas and Dennis talks with Sireesha Y. Reddy, professor & Vice Chair of Obstetrics & Gynecology at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso.  Reddy specializes in pediatric & adolescent gynecology, and she talks about the increasing trend of early puberty among girls as young as 7 or 8.  It’s an issue that Noemi is having to confront with her own young daughter.  

Aired May 23, 2015

Dennis talks with Brian Haddad and Michael Sifuentes about the St. George Feast of the Middle East, taking place May 30-31 at St. George Church, 120 N. Festival.  Every year, the festival encourages the community to take part in Greek food, music, and culture.  Information available at http://www.feastofthemiddleeast.com/, or by calling 915-584-9100 or 915-478-2570.  

Aired May 16, 2015 



Dennis talks with letter carrier Albert Anchondo, Martin Alemán, and Eric Miranda about the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive taking place Saturday, May 9.  Letter carriers across the nation will be collecting nonperishable food donations to feed the hungry.  More details at http://https://www.facebook.com/StampOutHunger, and http://www.nalc.org/community-service/food-drive

Dennis also talks with Jim Grimsley, author of “How I Shed My Skin: Unlearning Racist Lessons of a Southern Childhood.”  Jim was 11 when his school was desegregated in 1966, and he shares how this experience eventually changed his views on race.  However, Jim also reflects on today’s racially-charged atmosphere, and says that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Aired May 2, 2015

Dennis talks with Dr. Radu Ciubac, a specialist in geriatric & internal medicine; Chad Partington, director of Good Life Senior Living; and Sabrina Shaddix.  The discussion focuses on individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia.  Many older people will suffer from some sort of dementia, and they also lose their social structure as their family moves away or their friends or family members die.  Good Life Senior Living offers companionship and individualized service to persons living with dementia or Alzheimer’s. 915-701-9620      http://www.goodlifeseniorliving.com/ 

Aired April 25, 2015 

Dennis talks with Beth Longenbaugh and Magda Alvarado about the upcoming fundraiser for En Voz Alta, a grassroots movement that serves as a support system for hearing impaired children and their parents.  “Jewelry for a Voice” takes place April 25 from 6-9pm at the El Paso Club downtown.  Information: 915-521-7229.

Dennis also welcomes Laurie Garman and Layra Marivani about the YWCA’s upcoming 22nd Women’s Luncheon, featuring guest speaker, Amanda Wirtz. It takes place April 23 at 11:30am at the Abraham Chavez Theatre.  Information: 915-533-2311 or http://www.wycaelpaso.org.


Aired April 18, 2015

JR Hernandez for UTEP News Service

  Dennis talks with Beto Lopez, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement at UTEP; and Christian Corrales, Employer & Community Relations Manager at UTEP.  They'll talk about the grand opening of the UTEP Centennial Plaza and the Lhakhang Cultural Center on April 18 from 10am-12:30pm.  RSVPs are recommended, and the community is invited!  Information: email universityrelations@utep.edu

Dennis also talks with Domonique Bertolucci, author of The Kindness Pact: 8 Promises to Make You Feel Good About Who You Are and the Life You Live.  Most of us are unkind to ourselves, and this book promises to help us build confidence and self-esteem, and feel good about the lives we lead.  http://www.domoniquebertolucci.com/

Aired April 11, 2015.

  Guest host Russ Chianelli welcomes Dr. Donald Moss, author of the book ALZHEIMER'S: MY JOURNEY TO A NEXT GENERATION TREATMENT.  Moss explains how an  chemical discovered in an old laboratory  freezer led to the discovery of MSF, a potential cure for Alzheimer's.  Despite the hope that this drug may bring, patients may never get a chance to take it due to obstacles in FDA approval protocols and patent law.

Aired March 28, 2015.

  Dennis talks with New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Barbara De Angelis about her latest book, "SOUL SHIFTS: Transformative Wisdom for Creating a Life of Authentic Awakening, Emotional Freedom, and Practical Spirituality."  De Angelis explains why the vibrations we put out into the world are picked up by those surrounding us, and our inner transformations must be vibrational.  As her website explains, SOUL SHIFTS is a "practical handbook for awakening, and a brilliant re-visioning of the journey of personal and spiritual transformation."  Learn more about the book and Dr. De Angelis at http://barbaradeangelis.com/

Aired March 21, 2015

  Dennis talks with David Soucie, author of "Malaysia Flight 370: Why it Disappeared and Why it is Only a Matter of Time Before this Happens Again."  Soucie explains the challenges airlines face in cutting safety features when meeting a budget, and why battery life on the black boxes is so short.  

Plus, Dennis welcomes Nicole Portwood, Vice President of Marketing for Tito's Handmade Vodka.   Nicole talks about this exciting Texas-made product and the 3 Tito's Vodka-inspired chocolate truffles created for the Meet the Maker Program.  http://www.titosvodka.com

Aired March 14, 2015.

  Dennis welcomes dietician Bridget Swinney to the program to talk about simple and delicious ways we can start eating healthier.  As an incentive, Eat Right El Paso is hosting a healthy recipe contest that offers a cash prize for the best main dish, appetizer, or dessert.  Learn more at http://eatrightelpaso.org/.  The deadline to apply is March 18.

Aired Feb. 28, 2015.

  In a rebroadcast from May 3, 2014, Dennis & Noemi talk with Heather Balsiger, Manager of the Willed Body Program at the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine; and Thomas Gest and Elmus Beale, Professors of Anatomy at the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine.  The topic of conversation is the new Willed Body Program at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at El Paso.  The bodies are used to train medical students, and are cremated when their purpose has been served.  What are the misconceptions surrounding the program, and under what circumstances will a body be denied entry into the program?  More information is available at 915-215-4793, and https://elpaso.ttuhsc.edu/willedbodyprogram.aspx

Aired Feb. 21, 2015.

   Dennis welcomes Kathleen Bombach and Jaime Chavez of El Paso Community College about the exciting events EPCC has planned for Black History Month...including a Performing Arts Night and a one-act play about Martin Luther King, Jr.   Learn more at http://www.epcc.edu/Lists/News/DispForm.aspx?ID=635.  Or call Olga Chavez 915-831-3324, or email ochavez30@epcc.edu.

Dennis also talks with Joseph Ferguson, director of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC); and Rosemary Marín of the ScottHulse, Attorneys at Law.  The SBDC and ScottHulse are partnering to present a Labor & Employment Seminar, March 4, 8am-4pm at the EPCC Administrative Services Center at 9050 Viscount.  Learn more and register at http://www.scotthulse.com/labor-employment-law-seminar-presented-by-el-paso-law-firm.

Aired Feb. 14, 2015.


  Dennis & Noemi talk with Dr. Ogechika Alozie, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Texas Tech University Health Science Center in El Paso; and Jennifer Wright, Director of Marketing & Outreach at Paso del Norte Health Information Exchange.  All Americans have a right too access their medical records and health information, and we'll hear about the progress being made in El Paso to make it easy and convenient for El Pasoans to access their records.  Electronic access can also help avoid uncomfortable or awkward conversations at a doctor's office.  Dr. Elozie and Jennifer Wright recommend we make sure our physicians have patient portals that we can access.

Aired Jan. 31, 2015.


  Dennis talks with Dr. Radu Ciubuc, a doctor of geriatric & internal medicine; Chad Partington, owner of Good Life Senior Living & Memory Care, and Sabrina Shaddix.  They discuss the difficulties many families have in knowing whether their aging loved ones have age-related dementia or Alzheimer's Disease.    Good Life Senior Living provides specialized care for patients with dementia and Alzheimer's.  http://www.goodlifeseniorliving.com/

Aired Jan. 24, 2015.

  Dennis welcomes Mimi Gladstein, Natalia Savchenko, James Mortimore, and Susan Sobin join us to talk about the OLLI (Osher Life Long Learning Institute) at UTEP program that offers educational enrichment for adults age 50+.  

To learn more and to register for classes (registration ends Jan. 29), call 915-747-6280, 915-747-8848, or visit http://www.olliatutep.org/home.html.

Aired Jan. 17, 2015.

  Louie Saenz hosts this episode and welcomes Sherry Lewis and Marie Rose to talk about the children's book "Zwoosh!"  Marie Rose is the author of the book, and Sherry Lewis translated the work into Spanish, and also reads the Spanish-language audio edition.  The book follows a young boy's adventures through space on a rainbow rocket, and features artwork inspired by Van Gough.  

Marie Rose is offering 10 free English audio versions and 10 free Spanish audio version of the book to listeners of this program.  Simply email indierosebooks4kids@gmail.com.

Aired Jan. 3, 2015.

  Dennis talks with Temple Hayes, author of "When Did You Die: 8 Steps to Stop Dying Every Day and Start Waking Up."  Temple talks about how she overcame her struggles with alcoholism and shares the lessons she learned in finding happiness by shifting to a new awareness and learning to love herself.

Aired Dec. 27, 2014.



  Noemi Rojas, editor of El Paso life sciences news digest, Synapse, interviewed Maria de la Rosa and Elsa Moreck about the inspiring collaborative effort to get a school for autistic children opened in El Paso.  Maria is a stay-at-home mother to a 15-year-old boy who has seen first-hand the gaps in services for autism in EL Paso. She is far along in plans to open a charter school.  A dinner fundraiser is set to take place Monday, Dec. 22, at 7 pm at the downtown DoubleTree Hotel.  Read more at http://mcasynapse.org/editorial.

Plus...Deniss talks with Estela Reyes Lopez of Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe about the upcoming Navidad de La Fe las Luminarias taking place Dec. 20, 6-10pm, along Scenic Drive.  Learn more at La Fe's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CentroDeSaludFamiliarLaFe.

Aired Dec. 13, 2014.


  Guest host Russ Chianelli welcomes Maria Alvarez, a biology professor from El Paso Community College, song An of the UTEP Department of Teacher Education, and Daniel Tillman also of the UTEP Department of Teacher Education.  They talk about the Dec. 6 Music & Science Fundraiser which took place at the THIRTEEN09 Restaurant at the EPCC Administrative Services Center, 9050 Viscount.  Proceeds from this event benefited "The Doctor is IN," a forthcoming collaboration between the El Paso Symphony Orchestra, the National Institutes of Health Philharmonia, and a Music & the Brain Symposium.  To find out how you can support "The Doctor is IN," call 915-831-5074 or 915-831-1309.

Aired Dec. 6, 2014.

  Dennis has a conversation with Enrique Mata, senior program officer of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation (the Paso del Norte Health Foundation is a KTEP underwriter).  Mata talks about the "Two Should Know" initiative, which encourages parents to have conversations with their children about healthy relationships and healthy sexuality.  Learn more at http://www.twoshouldknow.org/.

Aired Nov. 22, 2014.

  Guest host Russ Chianelli welcomes Jeni Clark, Associate Director of the Center for Research, Entrepreneurship, and Innovative Enterprises (CREIE).  She is joined by 3 student research assistants as they discuss activities from November's Global Entrepreneurship Week, and recent successes by CREIE in the marketplace.  CREIE aims to commercialize research taking place on the UTEP campus.

Aired Nov. 15, 2014.

    Noemi continues her conversation with Libby Berkeley, Director of the Baby Cafe, and Ceci Vazquez, breastfeeding peer counselor at the Babe Cafe.  They discuss some of the myths & facts about breastfeeding.  How much milk production is normal?  Will your baby let you know when she wants to feed?  Can you breastfeed TOO much?  How did the use of formula come into practice? Can you continue breastfeeding when your child has his first teeth?  Learn more about the Baby Cafe at http://www.thebabycafe.org/index.php?option=com_babycafe&task=view&ID=136.  You can also learn more at http://borderbreastfeeding.org/

Part 2 of a 2-part interview.  

Aired Oct. 25, 2014.

  Noemi talks with Libby Berkeley, Director of the Baby Cafe, and Ceci Vazquez, breastfeeding peer counselor at the Babe Cafe.  They discuss some of the myths & facts about breastfeeding.  Is there much pain involved in breastfeeding?  Are all breastfeeding experiences the same?  Should you continue breastfeeding if you are taking certain medications?  Learn more about the Baby Cafe at http://www.thebabycafe.org/index.php?option=com_babycafe&task=view&ID=136.  You can also learn more at http://borderbreastfeeding.org/

Part 1 of a 2-part interview.  

Aired Oct. 18, 2014.



   Dennis talks with Jessica Seaman, Events Coordinator of the Mustard Seed Cafe, a restaurant and nonprofit organization.  They discussed the Food for the Soul event which took place Oct. 19, 2014.  You can learn more about this restaurant and how you can sustain their mission at http://mustardseedcafe.org/.

Dennis also talks with Cynthia Copeland, author of "Really Important Stuff My Dog has Taught Me."  They talk about their mutual love for their canine companions, and how our dogs can teach us about resilience in the face of adversity.

Aired Oct. 4, 2014.

  Dennis talks with Carrie Wilkie about autoimmune diseases such as Crohn's, colitis, lupus, and fibromyalgia.  These diseases are often hard to diagnose and even more difficult to live with.  Carrie talks about her own personal experience with Crohn's, and offers encouragement to others who may be suffering.  Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/elpaso.crohnshttp://www.elpasocrohns.com, or email ccwilkie@elpasocrohns.com.

Aired Aug. 23, 2014.

Erik Miranda and Albert Candia drop by the KTEP studios to talk about the November 7 event: Grow Your Business Day. It's designed to help small businesses learn to ship smartly. The event is this Friday from 1:30-3:00 at the Main Post Office in El Paso, 8401 Boeing Dr. The public is invited to the free event.

You may email for more information:

Erik Miranda: erik.m.miranda@usps.gov  

Albert Candia: albert.candia@usps.gov

--Tenth Street Press

Dennis chats with author/artist Lucretia Torva about her 2014 release of her autobiographical collection of her life stories and more. The conversation takes the listener through her viewpoints about sex, life, love, romance and more through her life to date.

The book is available through her website, http://www.sexthepunctuationmark.com/, Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/Lucretia-Torva/e/B00JON8BV4 and other fine booksellers.

Lucretia is also an artist and her works may be viewed at http://torvafineart.com/torva.php/torvafineart. Her Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/LTorva

Noemi and Dennis talk with Ogechika Alozie, M.D., MPH, and assistant professor of infectious diseases at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, about the recent upgrade of the Ebola virus outbreak by the World Health Organization to an epidemic status. They discuss the potentials of the virus coming to the U.S., and how the military here keep troops from bringing it and other infectious diseases fr0m other countries to the States.  For more on Dr. Alozie, or any program at TTUHSC, visit 

--UTEP Department of Social Work

Noemi Rojas and Dennis talk with Dr. Mark Lusk, UTEP department of social work professor, about his lifetime work looking into the lingering emotional states of immigrating children from various countries into the United States. Even if resilient, the children are subjected to untold, numerous indignities and various physical, sexual and emotional threats as they make their ways into the United States to search out their parents, family members and siblings, and to escape harsh punishment at the hands of their own governments. 

Dr. Lusk's work may be seen at http://mcasynapse.org and more information on Dr. Lusk may be found at http://socialwork.utep.edu/faculty.php and at http://socialwork.utep.edu/news-archives/UTEP_social_work_professor_to_receive_lifetime_achievement_award.php To assist or for more information, contact the Annunciation House at http://annunciationhouse.org or phone 915-545-4509. **PRODUCER'S NOTE: This is the extended conversation, and not the edited version that aired on August 2, 2014. Special thanks to Deirdre Westenhauser, Concordia University of Alberta, Canada, summer intern, for being the line producer on the project.**

Cheryl Garing and Jim Hastings from the El Paso (Texas) Native Plant Society of New Mexico talk about the upcoming conference being held in El Paso. The conference comes to El Paso once every seven years and all are invited. This year's conference is set for Thursday, July 31, to Saturday, August 2. For more information, visit http://www.npsnm.org/events/2014-annual-conference/ Their Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Native-Plant-Society-of-New-Mexico-El-Paso-Chapter/191913520833180?sk=info and you may email Cheryl at cherylgaring@yahoo.com and Jim Hastings at jimhastings@elp.rr.com For general information, http://www.npsnm.org/about/chapters/el-paso-texas/