12:29 pm
Sun February 16, 2014

WORDS ON A WIRE: Xánath Caraza

  Daniel talks with Xánath Caraza, author of the new work of fiction, "Lo que trae la marea/ What the Tide Brings,"  a bilingual collection of stories.  Xánath talks about the women in her stories and how they connect to nature.  She also talks about the process of translating her Spanish-language works into English with the help of 2 translators.  And in a running theme throughout the show, Xánath explains how food inspires her work.

Xánath Caraza reads today's Poem of the Week: Arbol de Vida (Tree of Life).

The food theme continues with Daniel's Poetic License about his poor childhood diet and his endeavor to eat healthier.

Aired Feb. 16, 2014.

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