KTEP - El Paso, Texas


Ben & Daniel talk with writer Tara Betts, author of the new collection "Arc & Hue."  Betts talks about how her politics & passions find her way into her work.  She also talks about her early introduction to poetry and reading at open mics and poetry slams in Chicago.  Betts also talks about the people who influence her poetry.  http://tarabetts.net

Tara Betts reads this week's Poem of the Week: "What It's Like to be a Mixed Girl for Those of You Who Aren't," from her collection "Arc & Hue." 

In this week's Poetic License, El Paso poet & musician Gene Keller talks about the pain, both physical and emotional, he has endured and imposed, and how music & poetry are "The Best Happy Pills."  Keller is the author of the poetry collection "Tongue Tied on the Border."

And...Ben & Daniel are looking for the "Words on a Wire" listener who is the farthest from El Paso, geographically speaking.  Let them know where you are when you listen to our show!  Email bsaenz@utep.edu or danchacon@utep.edu.

Aired Feb. 24, 2013.