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WORDS ON A WIRE: Scott Weems


   Ben & Daniel talk with Scott Weems, author of "Ha! The Science of When we Laugh and Why."  Scott is a neuroscientist who has been researching the science of humor.  He explains that humor is a way for our brains to make sense of the chaos in our minds.  Scott also tells us why computers are only good for creating good puns, but can't generate the nuance or complexity of a well-told joke.  And..Scott tells us the funniest joke in the world...according to science.  http://scottweems.com/

Today's Poem of the Week is Mark Strand's "Eating Poetry," read by Daniel Chacon.

And in today's Poetic License, poet Nancy Lechuga reflects on daydreaming.

Plus...Daniel & Ben talk about their experiences at the recent AWP Writer's Conference in Seattle.

Aired March 23, 2014.