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WORDS ON A WIRE: Richard Montoya

Credit Facebook (Water and Power)

  Daniel talks with playwright, actor, and filmmaker, Richard Montoya.  Richard's newest project is his directorial debut - Water and Power.  Montoya comes from what some may call "Chicano royalty."  His father was the acclaimed Chicano poet & artist Jose Montoya, his uncle is poster artist Malaquias Montoya,  and his cousin was poet Andrés Montoya, for whom the Andres Montoya Poetry Prize is named.  Richard talks about growing up surrounded by Chicano activism, and how his family's social activism paralleled those of Cesar Chavez.  He also talks about the satirical theatre troupe Culture Clash and its politically-charged evolution over the years (http://cultureclash.com/).   Richard's new film, "Water and Power," is an adaptation of one of his plays, and will open in L.A. on May 2.  https://www.facebook.com/WaterAndPowerMovie

For this week's Poem of the Week, Daniel Chacon reads the unpublished poem "Tree" by Andrés Montoya.  The poem will be featured in a forthcoming posthumous collection called "Colón-ization," which is being edited by Daniel.

Aired March 30, 2014.