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WORDS ON A WIRE: Paisley Rekdal

Paisley Rekdal

In a rebroadcast from Dec. 16, 2012,  Daniel & Ben talk with Paisley Rekdal, author of “Animal Eye” and “Intimate: An American Family Photo Album.”  Rekdal talks about the conceptual elements evident in her book “Intimate,” which she describes as a “braided memoir,” or photo album of shorts, which interweaves literary, poetic, and memoir fragments.  She also talks about 2 of the characters featured in the book - photographer Edward Curtis, who earned fame for his photos of Native Americans; and Curtis’ Crow Indian guide, Alexander Upshaw.

Paisley Rekdal  reads one of her own poems for today’s Poem of the Week – “Why Some Girls Love Horses.”

And in this week’s Poetic License, Benjamin Alire Saenz reflects on aging.

Aired Aug. 11, 2013.