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WORDS ON A WIRE: Natalie Goldberg (extended)

  In a rebroadcast from April 14, 2013, Daniel & Ben talk with Natalie Goldberg, an influential author of books on writing.  Her latest is "The True Secret of Writing."  Goldberg talks about the "True Secret Retreats" she holds in Taos, New Mexico, which inspire writers to sit, walk, and write.  Her philosophy of writing is very Zen and spiritual, and she encourages writers to just write and to "get out of the way" to allow the creative process to take place without the interference of discursive thinking.  In this online extended interview, Goldberg talks more on her writing workshops and how she ended up in New Mexico after starting out in New York. 

Natalie's latest book, "Living Color: Painting, Writing, and the Bones of Seeing," came out March 11, 2014.


Aired March 16, 2014.