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WORDS ON A WIRE: Melinda Palacio (extended)

In a rebroadcast from Jan. 20, 2013,  Daniel & Ben talk with Melinda Palacio, author of the new poetry collection, “How Fire is a Story, Waiting.”  Palacio talks about the start of her career as a columnist for the Arizona Republic, and how her interest in poetry grew after the death of her mother.  She also talks about how her grandmother and other female ancestors inspire & influence her work.  In this online-only extended interview, Palacio explains how, as a child, she worked to sell items for her mother, and that experience gave her valuable insight into promoting her own work as a writer. http://melindapalacio.com

Melinda Palacio reads this week’s Poem of the Week: “How Fire is a Story, Waiting,” from the book of the same name.

Aired Aug. 18, 2013.