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WORDS ON A WIRE: Manuel Ramos

Poet Cesar Abraham Vallejo
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Patrick Michael Finn

   In a rebroadcast from Nov. 17, 2013, Daniel talks with writer Manuel Ramos, whose latest work of crime fiction is "Desperado: A Mile High Noir."  Manuel talks about why the gentrification of the north part Denver plays such a strong role in the book and how it affects lead character, Gus Corral.  Manuel also tells us whether he's one of those writers who knows how their books are going to end before he ever writes one word. Manuel will also talk about his day job as an attorney working for Colorado Legal Services.

Today's Poem of the Week is by Cesar Abraham Vallejo.  Daniel reads "Dregs."

And in today's Poetic License, Patrick Michael Finn talks about his years-long struggle with rejection when it came to publishing his first collection of stories.

Aired Nov. 23, 2014.