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WORDS ON A WIRE: Lee Herrick


   In a rebroadcast from Jan. 13, 2013, Daniel & Ben talk with Lee Herrick, whose latest collection of poems is “Gardening Secrets of the Dead.”  Herrick talks about his experience as a Korean adoptee, and how he became inspired to fill in the missing pieces of his life.   http://www.leeherrick.com/

For the Poem of the Week, Herrick reads “Circle” from “Gardening Secrets of the Dead.”

This week’s Poetic License comes from Daniel Chacon.  In “Upside Down Broom,” he shares a memory from a relationship he had with a woman who was a complete contradiction to who he was at the time. 

Daniel & Ben also talk about whether they’ve already broken their New Year’s resolutions. 

Aired Jan. 19, 2014.