KTEP - El Paso, Texas

WORDS ON A WIRE: Laura Cesarco Eglin (extended)

  Ben & Daniel talk with Laura Cesarco Eglin, author of "Tailor Shop: Threads" and "Sastreria."  Lau (as she likes to be called) talks about finishing her first book while studying at UTEP, and what events inspired her book "Sastreria."  Lau describes herself as a tailor of words, following in the footsteps of her maternal grandfather, who himself was a tailor of clothes.  She also talks about negotiating her time for writing and pursing a PhD.  In this on-line extended version of the interview, Lau talks about how living in so many places around the world has educated her in ways she never imagined.  She also explains why, coming from Uruguay, living in El Paso almost felt like home.

For today's Poem of the Week, Lau reads her poem, "Kaddish and Rachamim."   http://laucesarco.blogspot.com/

Aired Sept 22, 2013.