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WORDS ON A WIRE: Laura Cesarco Eglin



Melinda Palacio with her Poetic License!

  Ben & Daniel talk with Laura Cesarco Eglin, author of "Tailor Shop: Threads" and "Sastreria."  Lau (as she likes to be called) talks about finishing her first book while studying at UTEP, and what events inspired her book "Sastreria."  Lau describes herself as a tailor of words, following in the footsteps of her maternal grandfather, who himself was a tailor of clothes.  She also talks about negotiating her time for writing and pursing a PhD.  

For today's Poem of the Week, Lau reads her poem, "Kaddish and Rachamim."   http://laucesarco.blogspot.com/

This week's Poetic License features Melinda Palacio, author of "How Fire is a Story Waiting."  Melinda talks about...poetic license.

Plus, Daniel & Ben talk about their upcoming reading in McAllen, Texas.

Aired Sept. 22, 2013.