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WORDS ON A WIRE: Joy Castro (expanded interview)

In a rebroadcast from July 7, 2013, Ben & Daniel talk with Joy Castro, author of the novel "Hell or High Water" and the essay collection "The Island of Bones."  Joy talks about her background as a Jehovah's Witness, a Cuban-American, and an adoptee...and why her Latino heritage isn't often acknowledged in many Latino literary anthologies.  She also explains why that separation and alienation she experienced in life often finds its way into her books' characters.  Joy also talks about discovering her characters in the process of writing them.  In this online-only extended interview, Joy also talks about whether it’s harder to write essays or novels, and how the difficulty in tracking down sexual predators post-Katrina found its way into her novel “Hell or High Water.”  http://joycastro.com/ 

Since the airing of this interview, Joy has published "Nearer You," the latest book featuring her character Nola Céspedes.

Aired July 27, 2013.