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  Ben & Daniel talk with J.L. (Jessica) Powers, author of the novel "This Thing Called the Future."  Jessica talks about what led her from UTEP's MFA program to become an Africanist.  Her interest in Africa led her to extensively study Zulu and live with a host family in South Africa, which is where "This Thing Called the Future" is set.  Jessica talks about the stigma often associated with being a white writer talking about the black experience.  Plus, she explains why she goes by the professional name "J.L." as opposed to her first name, Jessica.  http://jlpowers.net/

For today's Poem of the Week, Benjamin Alire Saenz reads "Arabic" by Naomi Shihab Nye.

And on this week's Poetic License, writer Lisa Garibay shares her memories of going off to college for the first time.

Plus, Ben & Daniel talk about what they did on their summer vacation.

Aired Sept. 8, 2013.