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WORDS ON A WIRE: Eduardo C. Corral




  In a rebroadcast from October 13, 2013, Daniel talks with poet Eduardo C. Corral, author of the collection "Slow Lightning."  Corral talks about the notebooks he uses to stitch together his poems - "Slow Lightning" came together from 7 or 8 boxes of notebooks.  He also explains why he employs code switching - switching between English & Spanish - in his poems, and why he refuses to italicize the Spanish words.  Corral also talks about being accidentally placed in a writing workshop and eventually falling in love with poetry and the works of Jose Montoya. http://www.eduardocorral.com/

For our Poem of the Week, Corral reads "Ditat Deus" from his collection "Slow Lightning."

In this week's Poetic License, artist Pat Olchefski-Winston reads a chapter from her new book "The Curious Childhood of Patty O." which explains how she learned to fight back.  http://www.olchefski.com/

Aired August 10, 2014.