12:29 pm
Sun August 10, 2014

WORDS ON A WIRE: Eduardo C. Corral




  In a rebroadcast from October 13, 2013, Daniel talks with poet Eduardo C. Corral, author of the collection "Slow Lightning."  Corral talks about the notebooks he uses to stitch together his poems - "Slow Lightning" came together from 7 or 8 boxes of notebooks.  He also explains why he employs code switching - switching between English & Spanish - in his poems, and why he refuses to italicize the Spanish words.  Corral also talks about being accidentally placed in a writing workshop and eventually falling in love with poetry and the works of Jose Montoya.

For our Poem of the Week, Corral reads "Ditat Deus" from his collection "Slow Lightning."

In this week's Poetic License, artist Pat Olchefski-Winston reads a chapter from her new book "The Curious Childhood of Patty O." which explains how she learned to fight back.

Aired August 10, 2014.

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