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WORDS ON A WIRE: Denise Duhamel (extended)

Daniel talks with writer Denise Duhamel, author of "Blowout," a collection of poems inspired by the breakup of her marriage.  She talks about why the poems in the book were actually harder to lay out and put in order than they were to write.  The poems in "Blowout" tend to depict emotions that shift throughout the book, passing through the stages of grief to acceptance.  She and Daniel, who also went through a recent divorce, also talk about writing as a therapeutic device.  Denise contributes this week's Poem of the Week: "My Strip Club" from "Blowout."  In this online exclusive extended interview, Denise talks more about the healing power of writing and how the end of "Blowout" brings her experience to an emotional conclusion.

Aired May 5, 2013.