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WORDS ON A WIRE: Daniel Chacon (extended)

Ben talks to his co-host Daniel Chacon about Daniel's brand new novel, "Hotel Juarez: Stories, Rooms and Loops."  Now that Daniel has taken the plunge into short fiction, will he ever write novels again?  Daniel also talks about why his way of writing can often be described as sparse or minimalist, and why the Stanislavski method of acting inspires his writing process.  He also discusses a couple of the stories in the book, "Mujeres Muertas" and "Mais, Je Suis Chicano.”  In the online-only extended interview, Daniel also talks about the story “Broca’s Area.”  Click here to view the NPR book review of Hotel Juarez http://www.npr.org/2013/03/21/174976074/book-review-hotel-juarez Aired June 9, 2013.