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WORDS ON A WIRE: Cyrus Cassells

Viva Flores
Credit vivaflores.com

  Daniel & Ben talk with Cyrus Cassells, author of the new poetry collection, "Crossed-Out Swastika," which features poems told from the perspective of Holocaust survivors and witnesses.  Cyrus explains how a trip to Auschwitz and a chance meeting with a Holocaust survivor inspired the poems.  The poems are written in couplets to reflect the silence he felt was needed in the poems.

Cyrus Cassells will read this week's Poem of the Week, a new work entitled "Jasmine."

Performance poet Viva Flores delivers a Poetic License unlike any heard before on this program!   http://vivaflores.com/

...and Ben & Daniel reflect on the pros & cons of Facebook.

Aired April 13, 2014.