KTEP - El Paso, Texas

WORDS ON A WIRE: AWP Interviews (part 1)

Ben & Daniel take the "Words on a Wire" microphones to the Associated Writing Programs (AWP) Conference in Boston MA.  We'll hear them talk with Tino Villanueva,  a Boston resident who has written 6 books of poetry.  He was honored at AWP at the Con Tinta celebration by Letras Latinas

Ben & Daniel also conduct rapid-fire interviews with a number of writers attending the Con Tinta celebration.  Fred Arroyo talks about the future of American letters...Tim Z. Hernandez talks about an upcoming book about Kerouac's brief relationship with a Mexican girl...Sergio Troncoso talks about his essays on narco violence on the border...Melinda Palacio talks about promoting Tia Chucha Press at AWP...Aaron Michael Morales explains why he wants to revise his novel, "Eat Your Children"...Francisco Alarcon shares some personal stories with Ben and talks about breaking the news to Laurie Ann Guerrero that she had won the Andres Montoya Poetry Prize (Guerrero joins in the conversation)...and Francisco Aragon talks more about Letras Latinas and Con Tinta.

The first in a series of AWP-related programs.  Aired March 31, 2013.