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WORDS ON A WIRE: Ana Castillo

Charles Bukowski
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Nancy Aide Gonzalez
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  Daniel talks with famed Chicana writer Ana Castillo, whose latest book is "Give it to Me."  She talks about the influence Charles Bukowski had on the book's main character, Palma Piedras.  Palma is a woman who has contempt for most everything and has built a shell to protect herself from the world.  Ana also explains why she likes to share her publishing rejection stories with other writers so they don't get discouraged.  http://www.anacastillo.com/

This week's Poem of the Week is "For the Foxes" by Charles Bukowski, read by Daniel Chacon.

And California Chicana poet and activist Nancy Aidé Gonzalez reads "Needlework," a Poetic License inspired by a memoir and spirituality workshop held by Ana Castillo.  In this reflection, Nancy revisits her past and her often-painful memories of her father.

Aired June 22, 2014.