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WORDS ON A WIRE: Alex Espinoza (extended)

Daniel & Ben talk with Alex Espinoza, author of "The Five Acts of Diego Leon," a novel which follows a Mexican-born actor who breaks into Hollywood at the dawn of the era of the "talkies" in the 1920s & `30s.  Espinoza explains how the story grew out of an interview he read about actor Ricardo Montalban and the struggles he faced in being typecast in TV and film.  Espinoza also talks about the extensive research he did for the novel, and how a Mexican mask maker inspired him to draw a parallel between acting and the wearing of masks to reveal or conceal who we really are.  In this online-only extended interview, Espinoza talks about how the Mexican town of Morelia in Michoacan served as an inspiration for the novel.  He also talks about how he chose the name “Diego Leon” for his main characterwww.alexespinoza.com

Aired May 12, 2013.