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Top Stories: Pakistan Appears To OK Drone Strikes; Greece Austerity Protests

Sep 26, 2012

Good morning, here are our early headlines:

U.S. Believes It has Pakistan's 'Tacit Consent' For Drone Strikes, 'WSJ' Reports.

Tear Gas, Rocks Fly At Anti-Austerity Protest In Athens.

Ahead Of Carmageddon II, Angelenos Fear Traffic Jams In ... The Sky?

And here are other top stories:

Double Explosion Strikes Near Syrian Military Compound In Damascus. (Guardian)

Two NATO Troops Killed In Afghanistan. (AFP)

Obama, Romney And Ryan Campaign In Ohio Today. (CNN)

Embattled Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin Gains Support. (Kansas City Star)

USGS Will Release Data On Wyoming Gas Field Fracking. (AP)

South African Wildcat Mine Strikes Spread To Gold Mine. (Reuters)

Uruguayan Lawmakers Narrowly Vote To Legalize Abortion. (BBC)

Daredevil's Planned Record Skydive Now Called A 'Space Jump'. (Space.com)

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