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Taiwan Housing Project's 'Ideal Body Alignment' Will Re-Align Your Brains

Apr 18, 2017

There is regular brains rock music and there is broken brains rock music. No slight against the former, but sometimes squares gotta be oblonged and thought patterns obliterated. Mark Feehan and Kilynn Lunsford both made a regular habit of scrambling brains with Harry Pussy and Little Claw, respectively, but with their new Philly-based band, they rock the body manic.

After a wild 7", Veblen Death Mask is the debut album from Taiwan Housing Project — 32 minutes of garage-rock scuzz scraped out of a demented sock-hop. Here's a new track, "Ideal Body Alignment," a frenetic swirl of punk and sax-sputtering free jazz, like a Garbage Pail Kids version of The Stooges' freak-grooved Fun House.

Veblen Death Mask comes out May 5 on Kill Rock Stars.

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